How Much to Tip a Dog Groomer: Should You Even Tip?

Many people are now paying special attention to their dogs’ appearance.

And so, this makes the dog grooming industry boom.

Plus, providing your dog with a grooming routine reflects positively on you as the owner.

This is because your pet can benefit from professional grooming services.

You can expect various prices for professional grooming.

But one consistent question is this: Do I have to tip my dog groomer?

So here’s what you should know about dog grooming services, groomers, and why you should tip them.

Do I Have to Tip My Dog Groomer?

tip jar


Especially when you’re very much satisfied with their stylistic choices.

But know that tipping is optional, and you should give one when you like the quality of service you received.

That said, the usual tip is equal to 20% of the total pay.

And if your groomer went above and beyond, adding special touches?

You might want to raise it a little bit higher.

So What Does a Dog Groomer Do?

It might look easy, but dog grooming requires special skill and creativity.

What’s more, a groomer doesn’t just make your dog pretty.

They do a lot of things like checking for physical indications of skin diseases or coat damage.

When they find one, they’ll grab your attention immediately.

These things make it worth getting the service and the tip!

At a minimum, a professional groomer does the following:

General Health Assessment

Prior to grooming, a groomer will check your dog’s skin, fur, gums, and teeth.

The same holds true for the anal gland expression, if necessary.

If they notice any pests, sore spots, or other issues, they’ll suggest that you take your dog to the vet.


Bathing here doesn’t only mean that.

It also involves thorough scrubbing and drying.

Trimming and Styling

Like people, some styles fit a certain dog breed more than others.

For a style to work, it may require hair trimming in delicate areas like around the mouth and eyes.

Luckily, with skilled and gentle hands, a groomer will take care of clearing them easily.

Also, the style is based on your wants and requirements.

Nail Trims

It’s important to trim your dog’s nails regularly.

And groomers have a way to make it quick and pain-free for your pet.

Cost of Dog Grooming: Is It Worth It?

trimming the hair of a dog

As mentioned earlier, dog grooming is definitely worth its price.

Of course, the price you pay for the service depends on several factors.

  • Place you live
  • Type of dog breed and size
  • Number of groomers in your state/locality

Let us give you an example.

If your dog is a Newfoundland, then expect to pay more as it’s a large dog with thick fur.

Grooming them is time-consuming.

Meanwhile, someone with a Terrier would pay less.

Also, you may have to pay extra for add-on services like:

  • Flea treatments
  • Fancier, bolder styles
  • Anal gland expression

All in all, the cost of it ranges from $35 to $150.

Questions to Ask Your Potential Dog Groomer

To ensure that your chosen groomer is the right match for you and your dog, here are some questions you can ask them.

Do you have professional experience? Are you certified?

This will assure you that they know what they’re doing and will do it well.

What breeds of dog are you most experienced with?

Knowing this determines whether they can take care of a certain breed and size.

How long does grooming take for [dog breed]?

An experienced and well-trained groomer can give the estimated time needed to groom your dog.

How will you calm dogs that fear or don’t like other people touching them?

You’ll be able to know their methods in calming an anxious dog.

What services do your package include?

Some groomers do an all-in service.

Meanwhile, others only offer the basics with add-ons.

Is there anything I have to provide?

You only have to bring your dog with you.

Groomers usually prepare everything—towels, shampoo, dryer, and other equipment.

Can I watch you groom?

Others allow it as having owners present can calm the dog.

But many won’t as your dog may get excited with you being present.

Give Dog Grooming Services a Chance

If you’re already availing of this service, then good for you!

We’re positive that your dog looks as stylish and healthy as they can be.

And if you’re still deciding, then give it a try.

You might find that you’ll enjoy the service provided by professional groomers, making you want to come back regularly.

Anyhow, don’t forget to leave a tip to express your satisfaction and gratitude to the groomer on your way out!

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