Veterinary Assistant Salary

Vet assistant positions are promising to those who would want to secure future employment and earn a good living as well.

This career has various categories that one can secure employment plus the pay rates vary and are good.

Another benefit of studying for vet assistant job is the fact that the training does not take too long.

Veterinary Assistant Average Salaries

According to a report given by the US Bureau of Labor Statics, the salary for a vet assistant range from 25,250 to 37,810 dollars.

Note that these figures are the average pay and therefore, rest assured that the payment can even go higher than this.

The Annual Estimation Earning of Vet Assistant

It is not easy to figure out the annual earning of a vet assistant because the payments are usually measured based on the various factor.

Some assistant vets are paid on an hourly basis; others are paid monthly, full time and part-time.

All these factors are determined by the animal healthcare where one is employed.

This is because some animal health facilities prefer to work with part-time vet assistants, some may require to hire vets for hourly basis especially if they have an emergency, and others opt to work with full time or permanent employees.

Vet Assistant Salary Factors

No single factor determines the salary of a vet assistant.

As we saw earlier, the animal health facilities take into consideration various factors when choosing vets to work with.

So, if you are looking forward to becoming a vet assistant, here are some essential factors that will determine how much you will be earning at the end of the day.


The amount of time that you have been working as a vet assistant plays a significant role in enabling you to get a promotion to good pay.

If you have been in the industry for more than five years, it shows that you have excellent experience and thus, you know how to solve various animal issues.

Another thing that shows you have a good experience is the number of facilities you have worked at.

If you have worked in one facility or a long time, this gives you a bonus point in getting good pay.

Work Setting

As you seek employment on various facilities, you also need to consider the facilities payment terms.

The progress of the health facility determines how much the veterinary doctor will afford to pay you.

Therefore if you are looking forward to securing good employment and also get to earn good money in the end, make sure to look for a veterinary who does not have too many employees or fewer employees.


Your level of training also matters a lot since this is what the veterinaries use to gauge your level of skills and knowledge as an assistant has.

Someone with an AVA certificate has high chances of getting a good job with good pay because the certificate adds your volubility, proves that you are a qualified assistant vet, and you can handle various animal issues.


The location you choose to look for a job influences your chances of securing a job with good pay.

For example, if you prefer a city with many farmers with few veterinary institutes in that city, you have higher chances of getting employment in such a place as opposed to a place where there are few farmers and many animal health institutes.

Vet Assistant Salaries by State

The State of Connecticut.

This is the highest paying state since a vet assistant earns an average pay of 36,240 dollars.

Massachusetts was ranked as the second highest paying city by US Bureau Labor Statistics with pay of 34,900.

Maine is in the third position with the salary of 32,950 dollars.

New Jersey takes the fourth position with 31,750.

Rhode Island is in top five with pay of 31,460 dollars.

Average Annual Salary by State

StateAvg. Annual Salary
New Hampshire$31,308
New Jersey$33,858
New Mexico$27,691
New York$34,507
North Carolina$29,055
North Dakota$27,662
Rhode Island$31,397
South Carolina$27,988
South Dakota$26,090
West Virginia$27,039

Important Notes to Take Regarding the Salaries in Different States

The salaries are not consistency all through the year in different states like in New York.

The average income for a vet assistant in Ithaca NY is about 38,760 dollars per annum although the number of vet assistants is significantly low in this city.

Another thing that causes the salary to fluctuate is the cost of living.

This is seen in the southern part of NY whereby the vet assistants are paid lower, but when we talk of the cost of living in this area, it is quite small.

In New England states, the salary for the vet assistant is estimated to be relatively higher due to the high cost of living.

Other states where the vet assistants are paid high salaries are Alaska, Hawaii, Washington, Oregon and California.

But note that the cities in these states do not pay the same wage.

Meaning, you may find some towns offering a higher salary than others.

For example, metropolitan area in New Haven CT pays an average of 48,130 dollars in a year.

Other cities which are grouped among the highest paying include the Boston and Santa.

Vet Assistant Salary VS School Debt

There are different fields of the profession that require in-depth training before one can secure employment with good pay.

This means that you will need to spend a lot of money in tuition fee without forgetting the time you will need to invest in the schooling as well.

Medicine and veterinary training are two professions that require high investment regarding money, and sometimes the students end up borrowing loans to be able to sponsor their education to the end.

On the other hand, a vet assistant is a favoring career since it is usually charged like other careers.

The tuition fees are fair, and there are high chances of securing employment once you complete your training.

Vet Assistant Certification And Salary

The level of your education as a vet assistant helps you secure employment with ease and also get to earn a good salary.

If you have been awarded several vet training certificates, you have high chances of getting considered because it proves that you have had ample training in the veterinary industry.

There are various institutions such as the NAVTA that provide assistant vet approval program first established in 2010.

There are a total of 35 approved assistant vet programs in multiple states like Canada, the US, and these programs can be accessed online.

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