Vet Tech Schools in Portland, OR

Veterinary technicians play a pivotal role in animal healthcare.

Their significance lies not just in their compassionate care for animals but also in their multifaceted responsibilities.

Vet techs assist veterinarians in surgeries, administer medications, perform lab tests, and provide crucial support in emergency situations.

Their deep understanding of animal behavior and medical procedures enables smoother operations within veterinary practices, making them indispensable team members.

In Portland, Oregon, vet techs contribute significantly to the local animal care landscape.

The average salary for vet techs in Portland typically ranges between $36,000 and $50,000 annually.

The amount can vary based on experience, qualifications, and the specific veterinary setting they work in.

While this might seem modest compared to other healthcare professions, the value they bring to animal health and welfare is immeasurable.

Their commitment and expertise contribute significantly to the quality of life for people’s beloved pets.

Have you been considering a career as a vet tech?

Learn from industry experts at the vet tech schools in Portland, OR listed below.

Carrington College

About the School

Carrington College, established in 1967, is an institution dedicated to providing career-focused education.

Initially known as the Northwest College of Medical Assistants, it became Carrington College in 2008 and expanded its offerings.

They specialize in healthcare, allied health, business, and technical fields, with programs such as medical assisting, nursing, dental hygiene, veterinary technology, and criminal justice.

They are committed to equipping their students with practical skills and knowledge essential for their chosen professions.

They aim to create a supportive, inclusive learning environment that nurtures personal and professional growth.

Accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) Western Association of Schools and Colleges, they operate across multiple campuses throughout the United States — Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, and Washington.

Courses Offered

The Veterinary Technology Program is designed to teach real-world skills essential to work as a vet tech under the supervision of a licensed veterinarian.

It covers the following areas:

  • Surgical Assisting
  • Anesthesia for veterinary technicians
  • Basic anatomy and physiology
  • Large animal medicine

Upon successful completion, graduates will receive an Associate Degree.

They may sit for the Veterinary Technician National Exam and seek employment in private veterinary clinics and animal hospitals, laboratories, humane societies, educational institutions, and other veterinary-related settings.

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AddressAddress: 2004 Lloyd Center 3rd Floor, Portland, OR 97232, United States

Portland Community College

About the School

Portland Community College is a post-secondary institution in Portland, Oregon.

Founded in 1961, they are the state’s largest community college and a vital educational hub in the Pacific Northwest.

They host a broad range of programs, catering to diverse interests and career paths.

From transfer degrees in arts and sciences to vocational programs in healthcare, technology, business, and trades, they provide a wide spectrum of educational opportunities.

Notable programs include nursing, computer science, sustainable energy, culinary, and visual arts.

They are dedicated to fostering an inclusive learning environment, empowering students from various backgrounds to achieve their academic and personal goals.

Accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU), they strive to uphold high academic standards and quality education.

Their mission is equity, diversity, and student success, emphasizing community engagement, innovation, and lifelong learning.

They have four comprehensive campuses, ten centers, and dozens of independent locations.

Courses Offered

The Veterinary Technology Program provides students with the skills and knowledge to be capable of various nursing care procedures for all animals.

It involves hands-on training on campus and at a fully working farm.

It takes seven consecutive terms to complete and covers the following courses:

First Term

  • Introduction to Veterinary Technology
  • Facility Ward Care
  • Comparative Veterinary Anatomy and Physiology I
  • Domestic Animal Behavior
  • Large Animal Nursing and Restraint

Second Term

  • Small Animal Nursing and Restraint
  • Comparative Veterinary Anatomy and Physiology II
  • Veterinary Parasitology
  • Pharmaceutical Mathematics

Third Term

  • Veterinary Practice Management
  • Specimen Collection Laboratory
  • Clinical Laboratory Procedures 1
  • Small Animal Diseases

Fourth Term

  • Radiation Safety
  • Clinical Laboratory Procedures 2
  • Veterinary Microbiology
  • Cooperative Education: Clinic I

Fifth Term

  • Anesthesiology
  • Applied Radiography
  • Veterinary Pharmacology
  • Laboratory Animal Science

Sixth Term

  • Surgical Nursing
  • Public Health and Sanitation
  • Cooperative Education: Clinic II

Seventh Term

  • Introduction to Veterinary Specialties
  • Large Animal Diseases and Procedures
  • Animal Nutrition
  • Cooperative Education: Clinic III

The full program requires 95 total credits.

Upon successful completion, graduates are awarded an Associate Degree.

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AddressAddress: 17705 NW Springville Rd, Portland, OR 97229, United States

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