Top 9 Dog Trainer Schools

Many people think of becoming professional dog trainers.

However, this career requires someone who has the love for these pets and therefore trains them fully.

They need to be observed carefully so that you identify the progress of their learning and record it.

For you to gain the required skills, you need certification from the best schools for animal training.

In this article, we are going to look at the top nine schools for a dog trainer.

Also, we will be giving a description of each of the schools and the programs they offer.

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The Academy for Dog Trainers

Emeryville, CA

It is ranked as one of the best school in the world with advanced programs in training the dogs. The aim of the school is to improve the standards of excellence in the dog training industry. Additionally, it can help you learn about problem-solving with other global people who believe that dogs deserve the best.

The program in the schools takes two years for one to complete it. It requires one to be very committed even though it is not designed to be a full-time study program. The progress that learners do in the academy I organized into four categories that are modeled after the college system of the US. After finishing the four levels, one is expected to sit for a final exam hence become a graduate from the academy.

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Top Tier K9

Madison, FL

The school helps in teaching people dog training as well as training the owners of the dogs. It also teaches one how to start your own business for training dogs. The school has a good staff of dog trainers and top in the world. The staff is also made of experts in the industry, decorated combat veterans, certified masters as well as business leaders and teachers who have won awards.

Students can take the whole program or subsets for any certification. The programs provide the learners with project management, sales, and marketing as well as business support to help them establish and run their own businesses for training dogs. The programs include pet training, working training, service dog training, helper training programs.

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Starmark Academy

Hutto, TX

The school I well established and has a lot of things that can attract students. It has better housing for those who want to live on the campus, good classrooms that can accommodate up to 30 students and a good parking located near the classrooms. The school has a training building that is 9,600 square foot large.

It has a 12-week program that teaches learners to have advanced principles for training including obedience and behavior. The programs will equip learners with techniques like pet obedience, basic clicker training, puppy socialization and imprinting, and even kennel management. These and many other techniques are offered in the school and they will benefit you well.

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National K-9 Learning Center

Columbus, OH

It is located in Columbus, Ohio and was established in 1975 which is regarded as one of the best schools in offering dog training education. It is a school offering learners with more than just basic education but also the skills and knowledge needed to become a professional dog trainer.

It has a three-week professional behavior/obedience course which specializes in teaching students to train obedience, behavior counseling, customer relations with owners of dogs and puppy development. It also has a six-week course that covers the aspects of modern professional dog trainer that are advanced. They include obedience, utility training, retrieval, owner protection, and scent detection.

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Animal Behavior College

Valencia, CA

It is a school that helps people who love animals to pursue animal careers for more than 20 years. It was established by a US military veteran in 1998 it is concerned with the success of students and the future career of the pet industry. They provide the best education hence one can enjoy while pursuing the dog training career.

The program for a dog trainer is broken into eleven stages where the student will cover a topic on basic study of dogs and tips for building a business. You will only get certification once you complete your training course online. The program will cover learning theory, training fundamentals, safety, business building and effective problem-solving.

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The Tom Rose School

High Ridge, MO

It was founded in 1979 and it was one of the elite training academies in the world. It has graduates who get the most prominent ranks in the field. Tom rose school can guide all people who have a passion for animals hence they will have a training career that is rewarding.

TRS program gives students with various abilities like sales abilities, leadership potential, dog trainer as well as being a teacher. Their courses include advanced private class and group instruction, advanced obedience competition and many others. It is highly selective and for you to be accepted, attitude and performance in dog training matter a lot.

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Tarheel Canine

Sanford, NC

It is a school that offers a number of services that have been of help to many people interested in dog training. It specializes in the management of different kinds of behavior problems from aggression to shyness cases. It also gives training to police K9 units in the world. They have the best skills that can help turn your unruly dog to be attentive and calm

Their programs have classes that vary from two weeks and up to 12 weeks of courses. In this period, learners will have courses like police k9 instructor, search and rescue trainer, detection dog trainer, professional obedience trainer and many others. The difference between the classes is the amount of training one will receive.

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Highland Canine Training

Harmony, NC

The school has been providing a curriculum for more than a decade. It receives learners from more than 30 countries as they offer among the best dog training education programs in the modern industry. The school is unique as it provides in-depth training skills that will make one be a professional dog trainer in the industry.

They have a program known as the master dog trainer school which includes all materials for learning, hands-on training, and lectures. Additionally, the program combines all the available training programs in the school hence making it very comprehensive. It will, therefore, be unique and not easily found in the training industry.

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Royal Dog Academy

Northridge, CA

It is also among the best school for one who loves animals to choose. Its mission is to offer the highest quality of education to dog training in the shortest time possible. It has twenty years of experience in the industry and has the best techniques for training dogs all over the world: Finland, Germany, Israel, turkey and many other countries. It has a staff that is specialized and has received a lot of awards both in the United States and Russia.

It has a program that is great for all beginners who can as well do their practice at home. It has six sections and six tests and after completion, one will get an international certificate for raining dogs. The program has studies like an introduction to do studying, dog training methods and stimulus, dog training techniques and animal health. There are other courses that can be of benefits to you if you agree to join us.

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We use a number of factors to determine the overall rankings for our top 9 dog trainer schools list.

These factors include a combination of student-teacher ratios, cost and financial aid, number of programs offered, admissions rate, default rate, retention rate, graduation rate, and percent of students enrolled in online classes if any.

Finally, we calculate and rank the schools based on their overall score.