Cat Trainer Career

The demand for cat trainers is on the up climb.

This stems from the fact that many pet owners are increasingly requesting this service.

The roles of a professional cat trainer are basically to tend to problems.

These include the avoidance of litter boxes, aggression, and scratching.

Just like the demand for cat trainers, the entire profession is also receiving higher demand and gaining more acceptance within the mainstream pet community.

It is also triggering a shift from dogs and deepening the quality of life of both cats and their owners.

Cats are on the whole very trainable.

This is especially the case if the training is started out much earlier.

Professional cat trainers are well able to influence the minds of cats significantly.

Even though the demand for this service is negligible compared to that of dog training, it does have certain unique advantages.

For instance, this limited demand means added opportunities for the cat trainers and reduced competition.

Moreover, an increasing number of cat owners are also developing deeper interests in the life of their cats.

This again is serving to increase the need for cat trainers.

The lovers of cats, by embracing this career, may deepen their love and service to the owners of these pets.

The service also has the ability to significantly change their lives for the better.

It also improves the field of animal care as a whole.

Cat Trainer Education

At the moment, cat trainer programs are scarce in the United States of America.

This stems from the limited number of specialized certifications in the said field.

This notwithstanding, a certification as a cat trainer or cat behaviorist has the potential to open numerous doors due to the less crowded job market.

A limited number of certification programs are currently available.

They typically entail the modification of cat behaviors, feline theory, safety practices, and cat behavior management, among others.

To obtain the requisite post-secondary certification, one has to study for around six months to one year after high school.

Alternatively, one may travel the online version path.

This takes the comparatively shorter duration of time to complete.

These curricular incorporates some courses on Feline Health.

The courses inculcate the skills of identifying the differences between those cats that are sick as well as those who may simply be unwilling to comply.

Other than these schools, there are a couple of individual workshops and pet societies.

These confer certifications after completing training programs and seminars.

A trainer is highly advised to accumulate as many certifications as possible.

The more certifications a trainer accumulates, the more credible and knowledgeable he becomes.

This comes in handy when looking out for a position or attempting to open up a personal business.

On the whole, it is necessary to note that cats do get motivated completely differently from their dog counterparts.

This calls for an in-depth understanding of how their minds operate.

The trainers mainly study the natural instincts of a cat deeply to be able to grasp this.

In so doing, most end up pursuing educational careers that may end up in a degree study in Animal Behavior.

Most individuals who pursue further studies in the area prefer settling for a career in research.

Obtaining an appropriate cat trainer educational program may be a major boost to success.

This is because it is a rare feat.

It also boosts the demand for the said cat trainer significantly.

It, therefore, follows that one has to learn extensively about this subject matter.

Moreover, there are no stipulated licensing procedures in any of the 50 US States at the moment.

This makes entry and exit in the profession all the more simple.

Popular Degree Programs

Cat Trainer Job Duties

The primary job of a cat trainer is to modify its behavior.

Cats generally detest aggressive behaviors.

Professional cat trainers play a great role in appeasing the problem.

They also assist the cats to utilize the litter boxes well and mitigate scratching.

Lastly, they also combat the various phobias that cats may endure as well as their sexual behaviors.

Other than the above, the trainers also put in place preventive measures to detect and deter future problems.

To this end, they inform the owners of the cats of the best ways of handling their cats.

This also serves to help them in controlling their behaviors as a whole.

The process of trainers also calls for the input of cat owners.

They get to learn and participate actively in the whole process.

This is why it is advisable to incorporate the entire family in training the cat.

Cat Trainer Pay and Job Prospects

Given its individualized nature, the salaries of cat trainers are wide and varied.

Some may charge hourly fees yet others may require standard end month pays.

Some affluent neighborhoods can pay in excess of $100 per hour.

The same case applies to prominent cat trainers.

Those training conducted in a pet store on the other hand charge less.

Demographics, therefore, play a crucial role in determining the pay.

Marketing is yet another key determinant of the rates.

Those who market themselves aggressively stand to make a lot of money.

This is because they are fewer in number.

Not many online sites provide a comprehensive peek into the salaries of these professionals either.

All factors considered, the private sector remains the widest avenue for the practice of this profession.

Those trainers who opt to go it alone have by far the best chance of making the most.

This is why it is necessary to enhance one’s skills to the maximum possible extent.

The number of cat trainers could skyrocket soon.

The number of cat owners currently stands at 80 million and above in the United States of America.

Moreover, more owners of cats are spending much of their money on veterinary care.

This means more money is increasingly becoming available to the new entrants into the field.

Final Words

Career as a cat trainer can be cool!

You’ll need to live in a place with a medium-large population if you want a lot of clients.

It can be rewarding and fun for cat lovers.

Good luck!