How to Become a Dog Trainer in Michigan

Being a dog trainer is a very rewarding, fun, and fulfilling job.

The pet industry has increased in the last few years, and therefore there is a demand for dog trainers across the world.

This job requires plenty of skills and devotion, so if you are considering becoming a dog trainer, you are in the right place.

Stay with us and find out what you have to do in Michigan to succeed as a dog trainer!

How to Become a Dog Trainer in Michigan?

This profession does not require any special certification, but don’t underestimate the process of becoming a dog trainer!

Let’s take a look at the most important steps!

Step 1: Learn dog behavior and obedience

It is not as easy as it seems.

You may have some basic theoretical knowledge, but that is not enough.

To achieve this, you need to practice with your dog and watch a lot of videos from professional dog trainers.

Step 2: Start volunteering

There are many volunteering positions in every field and industry, so we guess you won’t have issues finding a volunteering position.

Grab every opportunity, even though you won’t get paid.

It is extremely annoying and difficult to work without a salary, but this is part of your progress.

Step 3: Think about education

It does not have to be some formal college or university but think of some education.

This will improve your skills and you will find it easier when searching and applying for jobs.

There are many courses and programs that offer lessons for future dog trainers.

Step 4: Apply for a job

If you have a previous volunteering position and some sort of education, the chances of getting your first job are very high.

So, use this opportunity, and don’t miss any of the steps that we mentioned.

Step 5: Join professional organizations

Getting a job, shouldn’t be the last step for achieving success in any profession.

There are more important things and one thing is progress!

You can progress if you join professional organizations of dog trainers or you can simply get in contact with other dog trainers from Michigan and stay in contact.

You can search for colleagues on LinkedIn and follow the latest trends and news in the profession.

Step 6: Think of self-employment

Some dog trainers work their whole lives without even thinking of this step, and that is totally okay.

But, we must inform you that there are many job opportunities for self-employment for those who are well-experienced and ready for some risks.

You will definitely value your classes more, make your own schedule, and work much harder to achieve a higher salary.

Dog Training Schools in Michigan

Enrolling in classes or courses can teach you a lot of new skills, you will learn a lot about the marketing process, and the process of building a career.

Here are some of the best schools for dog trainers in Michigan!

Michigan Dog Training Academy

By enrolling in this academy, you will learn a lot of theory and hands-on dog training skills.

Most importantly, you will get familiar with a variety of training styles and equipment for dogs and owners.

You will become better at coaching owners effectively.

After finishing the academy, you will be able to use business and marketing skills.

According to previous students, the staff is very friendly, knowledgeable, and professional.

To get more information about the classes and the whole program, contact the academy.

Michigan Dog Trainer Certification School

This training school serves the entire country, so you can get more information about the location if you contact them.

Before the start of school, you need to pay a deposit of $200 which is considered as part of your tuition.

This school is a great investment if you are passionate about dogs and training them.

You will learn more about dog’s athleticism, senses, focus, and intelligence.

The capacity of the classes is very small, so you need to reserve your spot on time.

CATCH Canine Trainers Academy

To learn core skills at this academy, you will need $1,212.

On the other side, you can take the Basics Pro course which will cost you $2,793.

In order to get a certification, you should take master classes for $5,025.

This school is state-licensed and offers pairing with professional dog trainers from your state.

School Name Address
Michigan Dog Training Academy 1031 Cherry Street, Plymouth, Michigan 48170
Michigan Dog Trainer Certification School  717 Beaver Hollow Rd., Spencer, IN 47460
CATCH Canine Trainers Academy 24 Newark Pompton Turnpike Suite 206 Little Falls, NJ


The average salary for dog trainers in Michigan is $34,618.

You can earn between $31,442 and $37,891.

Ann Arbor, Canton, and Novi are the top 3 cities in Illinois that offer the best salaries for dog trainers.

Location Avg. Annual Salary
Detroit $35,292
Grand Rapids $33,851
Warren $35,292
Flint $32,536
Sterling Heights $35,181
Lansing $33,788
Ann Arbor $36,019
Livonia $35,181
Dearborn $35,292
Westland $35,516

Regional Salary in Michigan

Region Employed Avg. Annual Salary Avg. Hourly Pay Top 10% Annual Salary Bottom 10% Annual Salary
Detroit-Warren-Dearborn, MI100$36,100$17.36$65,010$27,240
Grand Rapids-Wyoming, MI40$46,030$22.13$64,270$26,460
* Salary information based on the May 2022 Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) Survey for Animal Trainers, OCC Code 39-2011, BLS.
* Employment conditions in your area may vary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to offer a guarantee about the dog training success?

No, you don’t have to offer a guarantee about the dog training success.

In fact, it is better to refrain from the training results.

Most of the clients will understand this act and won’t have complaints about it.

Can I get online classes and become a dog trainer in Michigan?

Yes, there are some online schools that offer certification or diplomas for completed dog training.

However, you need to research a reliable school and try to make the right choice.

What are the key skills for dog trainers?

In our opinion, key skills for dog trainers are love for animals, empathy, and good communication.

The list goes on and there are many skills required for dog trainers.

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