How to Become a Dog Groomer in Alabama

Becoming a dog groomer isn’t just choosing a career path.

It takes a lot of love, commitment, and care for human’s best friends.

When you’re a dog groomer, you’re a person who helps the dogs look and feel beautiful.

The state of Alabama welcomes all newbies to study hard and choose this fulfilling occupation.

The general health of a dog, as well as a great hygiene level, is the aim every dog groomer should accomplish.

The road to success is paved with groomer’s clippers and combs, and it’s only a two-month online course away!

Job Description: What Does a Groomer Do?

A dog groomer styles your dog’s hair, right?

Well, it’s not completely wrong.

The full job description for a groomer considers more than just trimming and styling the coat.

Every groomer must pay special attention to other parts of a dog’s body that grow and need cleaning.

Unlike cats, our tail-wagging best friends need help with nail clipping.

No one wants their dog to be in pain.

Nails that are too long, or never been clipped, can cause serious troubles.

Another important task you can’t skip on is cleaning ears.

There are over two hundred dog breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club.

Imagine how many different pairs of ears you learn how to clean!

From folded to prick ones, a proper ear treatment gets any dog one step closer to a good health condition.

How to Become: General Training Information

One simply can’t wake up and decide to be a groomer.

Technically, you can make that decision, but first, you need to attend a grooming course.

In the state of Alabama becoming a dog and cat groomer is as simple as that.

The total cost of this course varies between $499 to $574.

So, what does this price include?

These dog grooming courses will provide you:

  • books,
  • other learning aids,
  • access to program’s online community,
  • a Study Planner app and
  • the necessary instructional support.

A good groomer depends on a lot of tools he or she works with.

Grooming courses in Alabama will give out a little starting help in a form of:

  • dog nail trimmers
  • universal combs
  • a slicker brush and
  • other helpful grooming tools.

Licensing and Certification

Once you get your certificate for finishing a grooming course you’re a free bird.

In Alabama, there’s no need for an extra step in a form of licensing.

There is no federal agency that regulates or licenses pet groomers.

That makes it easier to start your career and become a prominent dog groomer.


There are no harsh guidelines for a pre-course education, but most employers prefer their groomers to be high school graduates.

Make sure you finish that chapter of your life successfully, so there won’t be any problems with finding a job later.

But, where exactly can you find a job as a dog and cat groomer?

You need to think outside the box for a change.

Sure, there’s always a chance to work in a pet grooming salon, but how often can you find one in Alabama?

There’s a better chance of finding a job elsewhere.

Here’s a little list of work opportunities you simply shouldn’t disregard:

  • veterinary clinics,
  • kennels,
  • pet stores and
  • humane societies.

Do some research in your area to see who’s looking for help.

I find it quite rewarding working at a kennel and helping those poor pups before finding their “forever home”.


A dog groomer is someone with a high sense of responsibility towards our fuzzy friends and their owners.

You must be a people person (and dog, of course) with great communication abilities.

Scheduling appointments and arranging treatments with pet owners is one of the main work tasks for every groomer.

Here is where those charisma skills come in handy.

If you want to talk to your customers with paws, go ahead, I won’t judge.

In fact, it’s a lovely scene seeing the groomer have such a wonderful relationship with animals.

Now that the social factor is established, let’s move on to other duties you’ll have as a groomer.

Sometimes you’ll get a client that requires a full grooming treatment.

What does that include?

For starters, you need to brush the dog or the cat.

It’s very important to remove any tangles or mats.

The next step is where you use clippers, one of the essential tools.

Clip or strip the dog’s hair and move on to the bathing part.

Bathing a dog can be a messy business, so arm yourself with patience and good physical stamina.

What’s left to do after drying is cleaning ears and eye tear stains if there are any.

Don’t forget to trim their nails and give a fresh breath after washing the dog’s teeth with a special toothbrush.

The final touch to this process is styling the hair and returning the pooch to its owner looking fabulous.

Hold on, your job doesn’t end here!

Never forget to sanitize and clean your tools and work area after every pet.

Good hygiene is simply a must!


Training for a groomer is a simple process if you’re willing to learn.

The course itself takes about two months, and you can even get certified online!

There are nine sections of the Pet Groomer Certificate program.

Popular Programs

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Of course, your training doesn’t end here.

You can always extend your knowledge by reading books about grooming and attending seminars.

Investing in your knowledge is the smartest choice you could take.

Take a look at some of the best grooming societies in the States:

Salary: How Much Can You Earn?

According to, the average salary for a groomer and bather quite varies from town to town.

Among fourteen Alabama towns, Madison groomers have the highest annual income.

Is the average wage of just over $30k enough to pay for the hard work a groomer has to do?
I’ll leave you to be the judge of that.

LocationAvg. Annual Salary
Auburn, AL$29,847
Birmingham, AL$31,323
Decatur, AL$30,533
Dothan, AL$29,394
Florence, AL$28,711
Gadsden, AL$31,143
Georgiana, AL$29,524
Huntsville, AL$31,496
Madison, AL$31,496
Mobile, AL$30,819
Montgomery, AL$29,791
Prattville, AL$29,791
Tanner, AL$30,652
Tuscaloosa, AL$31,214

Why Should You Become a Dog Groomer?

Let me answer this with another question: “Why shouldn’t you become a dog groomer?”

If you’re unemployed and having trouble putting your life together, it’s time to make some changes.

All animal lovers are welcome to try.

There are no easy careers, but it gets easier if you do what you love.

Love for cats and dogs is the main precondition for starting a grooming profession.

If you’re sure you have what it takes to be successful in this field of work, don’t waste any more time.

Apply today and become one of Alabama’s top groomers!

Final Words

Beauty takes time and effort.

Pups and kitties know that very well.

A clean and tidy pet is a happy pet.

It feels great when you know you’re one of the main contributors to that state.

Dedicate your life to grooming, and you’ll get all the puppy and kitty love you can have!

Isn’t that a dream job?

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