How to Become a Dog Groomer in Utah

Job Description and Duties of Dog Groomers

It is very important to know that dog groomers are not required to be licensed so as to be allowed to work, but many of them decide to start with classes and training to reach at least the basic education related to this filed.

The knowledge and training are necessary due to the fact that skills for the position of a dog groomer are numerous and they require being familiar with standard practices and procedures within this field.

Being more educated and skilled, dog groomers are of great help to animals and more successful in their careers.

Today, animals are treated as people and dog grooming career is growing rapidly augmenting the possibilities and at the same time, obligations that dog groomers meet.

Which facility they work for determines whether they will be working only with dogs or will be dealing with other animals as well.

Dog groomers have various issues to take care of such as administration, record keeping, answering animal owners’ questions and advising them, bathing, cutting, trimming among many other daily activities.

If you have a love for animals and you want to devote your life to them, then the Rewarding Career of Dog Grooming in Utah is an ideal one for you.

Being a dog groomer in Utah offers not only great satisfaction as you will be working with animals but also the potential to earn a very comfortable living.

Professional dog groomers are paid by dog owners to help maintain the style and health of their dogs.

Dog groomers are very popular in Utah, due to the fact that pet owners are ready to pay a lot of money so that their pets look beautifully.

Dog groomers have to be equipped with the skills to handle all the possible requirements set by dog owners related to the styling and cleansing of a dog.

Being a dog groomer entails a bathing and drying process, flushing out a dog’s ears, cutting and trimming a dog’s fur, and nail clipping.

Each dog breed requires a specific kind of technique, such as hand stripping to contend with rougher coats and hand scissoring which is a technique commonly used on dogs with finer hair.

These nail clipping standards are taught in great detail throughout their training.

Successful performing your grooming job highly depends on your skill to control a dog’s temperament.

During their courses or training, dog groomers learn gentle and effective ways to control situations and provide a calming effect as this is not at all pleasant situation for an animal.

Now, as you are familiar with all the duties that might expect you as a dog groomer, and you think that you possess the ability to utilize these skills and thoroughly complete the tasks of cutting, clipping, trimming, bathing and styling, you are ready to look for your new job in Utah.

Requirements to Become Dog Groomer in Utah

As in the majority of states, there are no requirements for becoming a dog groomer in Utah.

You can become a professional dog groomer, even though you do not hold a high school diploma or GED equivalency.

However, you cannot advance in your job if you do not obtain basic knowledge related to this filed.

So as to learn the necessary skills of a Utah dog groomer, candidates will need to complete the required Utah dog groomer course assignments and training.

That way they will maintain a professional code of conduct in order to graduate.

Salary and Job Prospects in Utah

Even though Utah does not require a license, we suggest that you should possess it as that will improve your job prospects and possible salary.

Generally speaking the job prospects for Utah dog groomers are great.

You should start searching for a job upon getting the appropriate skills and there is an increasing number of animal-related facilities in Utah, meaning that the demand for new pet groomers is rising, too.

The better you have done on your courses and the achievement of the license gives you the greater chances of getting a job quickly and without too many difficulties.

The employer and his/her staff will determine who will be employed and if you can show that you know what has to be done, you are more likely to get the job.

As it is the case in any other occupation, the annual salary of a dog groomer cannot be exactly determined due to the fact that different levels of experience, number of working hours, and work setting make the salary vary.

In Utah, it starts from the lowest one in Lehi estimated at $ 31572, reaching to $ 35394 in St. George.

The increasing number of animal-related facilities in Utah and their availability might lead to the changes in salaries.

You need to have in mind that professional dog groomers in Utah will have higher salaries than those entry-level ones.

Utah dog groomers are also eligible to receive benefits, incentives, and bonuses.

The table below shows the salary of a dog groomers annually since it varies from one place to another, but the difference is not so significant:

LocationAvg. Annual Salary
Salt Lake City$32,928
West Jordan$32,807
St. George$35,394

Continuing Education and Professional Resources

We decided to gather the information about all Utah Dog Groomer Resources, so as to provide a wealth of detail for both inexperienced and already established dog groomers.

American Kennel Club (AKC) is a very popular organization among dog owners. This is due to the fact that it boasts valuable information and resources and continues to expand its reach in terms of the insight and assistance it provides to dog owners.

Holliday Veterinary Hospital in Salt Lake City is an excellent veterinary hospital that offers a wide range of services and online information that can assist new and veteran Utah dog groomers.

Mobile Dog Grooming in Utah – A list of the mobile dog grooming services for dog owners who cannot bring their pets to facilities or prefer the dog groomer to come to their place. This is considered a useful resource for dog groomers as well as dog owners.

National Dog Groomers Association of America allows membership to dog groomers and regularly updates its members on industry trends, workshops, and much more.

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