How to Become a Dog Groomer in Kentucky

Many don’t understand how vital the role of a dog groomer is in the life of a dog.

Not only they help with maintaining a lovely appearance, but groomers also promote good health habits.

Finding a good groomer is a crucial task for every dog owner.

Luckily, this job is currently in growth.

There are plenty of good groomers in Kentucky.

You can be one of them if you enroll in the Kansas grooming school today.

Education: How to Become a Dog Groomer in Kentucky

Those of you who are searching for a formal education will be glad to hear that Kentucky offers grooming vocational schools.

However, there’s still a significant number of potential groomers in this state who choose an informal apprenticeship with an experienced groomer.

If you decide a formal option is a better choice for you, the best thing to do is to enroll in an accredited school.

You can find grooming schools in the following cities: 

  • Bethany
  • Lenoxburg
  • Lexington
  • Louisville and
  • Newport.

The duration of the schooling depends on whether you’re studying a certificate or a diploma course.

The certificate course lasts from eight to ten weeks.

In this short period of time, students will learn the essential skills in bathing, styling, and grooming.

As for the diploma program, it lasts six to twelve months to complete.

This is an intensive program where students learn advanced skills.

Thanks to the intensity and comprehensiveness of this course, the graduates will be able to run their own business.

The diploma program even has business lessons to help the students prepare for setting up a private grooming facility.

A great thing about there grooming schools is that they offer both online and onsite courses.

You pick which one suits you the most!

Getting a Grooming Certificate

Although a newbie groomer isn’t required to own a grooming certification, owning it would help the career move forward.

The National Dog Groomers Association of America will test your knowledge and skills and then provide you with the National Certified Master Groomer certification if you’re a suitable candidate.

Then, a groomer must achieve a passing score in a written exam and will be submitted to the examination of the acquired skills.

Unlike some other states, in Kentucky, it does matter where you’re coming from and what’s your story.

So, be prepared for a background check.

In order to stay an active groomer, one must pay a yearly membership to the National Dog Groomers Association of America.

It looks like a lot of work because it actually is!

Taking into consideration what you’re fighting for, all of this is as easy as pie.

Licensing in Kentucky

Hey, Kentucky groomers, I have good news for you!

Special licensing is not required to practice grooming in this state.

The only license you’ll need is a business one from the Kentucky One Stop Business Portal.

The agency will advise you which licenses and permits you’ll need to open a dog grooming facility.

These are just some formalities that can be finished without much ado.

Education: What comes after the grooming school?

A good groomer always invests in knowledge and tries to get improved.

Thanks to the National Dog Groomers Association of America, plenty of seminars and workshops are being organized for groomers who want to climb the career ladder.

These workshops are not a must, but they certainly are an important part for every bustling career.

Practical knowledge means more than the stuff you learn from a textbook.

That’s why getting an internship with a local grooming business is one of the best steps a beginner could take.

The internship will save you first-hand knowledge and teach you how to deal with many situations that happen daily at the grooming salon.

What are Groomer’s Duties?

A groomer has many duties on a daily basis.

From creating appointments to cleaning after customers- everything depends on you.

There won’t be any customers for you unless you go out there, spread the words about your business and talk to potential clients.

Better make sure those communications skills are sharp as a knife!

Once you score a customer, it’s time to do some grooming.

A regular grooming process looks a lot like this:

  •  inspecting a dog for any skin and coat conditions
  • brushing to get rid of mats and tangles
  • bathing and drying with towels and blowdryer
  • clipping hair and styling
  • trimming nails
  • cleaning ears, eye-tear stains, and teeth.

You’ll manage these tasks successfully if you use techniques learned in the grooming school.

Helpful Grooming Resources

Every groomer has an organization he or she uses to extract new info about the industry.

Kentucky dog groomers can choose from a variety of websites to help them.

Make sure you bookmark these sites: 

Not only these websites have great information about the industry, but they also offer a chance to find a job.

Salary: How much does a Kentucky dog groomer earn?

An average groomer in Kentucky earns a yearly wage of $30,375.

The total range of salaries falls between $25,104 and $38,356.

It’s not a brilliant situation, but it’s not half bad either.

You can earn a pretty penny working as a professional groomer in this state.

If grooming is your second or even a third job, the money will be an excellent way of income.

Final Words

No one said dog grooming is something you can educate yourself for in a blink of an eye.

It’s a career path like all the other and requires serious commitment.

If you want to succeed you have to invest your heart and soul into it.

Those of you who are serious about grooming as their first or second job must fully understand the kind of job this is.

It’s a job where you work hard and receive a large amount of love in return.

Nothing beats pure love coming from your faithful clients, the dog.


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