How to Become a Dog Groomer in Arkansas

Hey, animal lover, have you ever thought about what does your ideal job look like?

I bet it has something to do with helping animals!

Now, becoming a vet is a complex process, and not everyone is born to be one.

Opting for another career path like grooming is a much happier choice.

First, you can start the grooming course at any point in your life.

Second, you get to do something that brings you happiness.

The third reason why you should become a groomer is the fast pace of the grooming course.

Invest your time in a two-month program and you’ll soon be a professional dog groomer.

Do you want to know how to get this perspective career?

Let’s see what it takes to enroll in a  grooming school!

Duties: What Does a Dog Groomer Do?

A groomer’s duties don’t start and end with grooming cats and dogs.

It’s much more than a simple coat trimming!

You have to be aware that you’re communicating with lots of different pet owners.

Here’s where you flaunt those charisma skills.

An important part of a groomer’s job is making appointments and talking to customers.

Be as charming as you want.

Maybe you’ll get a better tip!

As far as your grooming duties go, there’s an established order.

Let me guide you through a standard grooming procedure:

  • Bathing,
  • Cutting the coat,
  • Brushing and de-mating dog’s coat,
  • Trimming nails,
  • Cleaning ears.

Groomers rely on their tools.

These are the tools you’ll need to use on a daily basis:

  • electric clippers,
  • combs,
  • grooming shears and
  • bathing stations, of course!

Now, what do you think it’s left to do after a dog’s been properly groomed and handed over to its owner?

You clean your work area, that’s what you do.

It’s highly important to keep your grooming space clean and tidy.

Nobody wants to bring their dog somewhere filthy in order to get groomed!

Don’t skip any of these steps and you’ll have the perfect grooming area for all of the dogs of Arkansas.


Surprisingly, there are no special requirements prior to entering the dog grooming program in Arkansas.

You can always start your grooming career in your teen years, but bare in mind that most employers would like you to have a high school diploma.

People from different backgrounds apply constantly to this program.

It’s not important where do you come from or what’s your financial status.

What’s important is that you’re eager to learn and have the necessary tuition money.

That’s it!

Oh, of course, you must have lots of love for different cat and dog breeds, but that’s implied.

How to Become a Dog Groomer in Arkansas: Program Information

Sixty days!

That’s what it takes to finish a grooming program in Arkansas.

A must to finish this course successfully is a computer with a stable Internet connection.

The whole program is done online in the comfort of your own home.

Say goodbye to spending time in endless classes!

The course is flexible and you can easily adapt yourself to anything new you come in touch with.

Don’t worry about the books or other learning tools.

You’ll get everything you need to graduate included in the price.

This is a program with a comprehensive curriculum.

There are in total nine main sections that will teach you everything about dogs, cats, their behavior and their anatomy.

After completing the program you’ll know the following:

  • how to use specific tools while grooming different cat and dog breeds,
  • how to prepare cats and dogs for grooming,
  • the anatomy, behavior, and personalities of both dogs and cats,
  • proper strategies for dealing with different breeds.

What I have to stress is that you will learn a lot in a short period of time.

Don’t be afraid.

Thanks to the program’s division into nine sections, the study material won’t be hard to process.

This type of program has shown its efficiency because you’re ready to work as soon as you graduate from the grooming school.

Isn’t that nifty?

Make sure you check out some of the US and Arkansas grooming resources:

These websites can provide you with useful information about your future grooming career.

Popular Programs

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Licensing and Certification

I’m happy to inform you that the government of Arkansas doesn’t require a license for dog groomers.

You’re absolutely free to start job hunting because neither does the US federal government require a license for grooming.

Aren’t those some great news?

Job Opportunities in Arkansas

Start job hunting prior to finishing the grooming program.

This will bring you the necessary connections that could help you in the future.

Research the job market in your area and check for the most successful grooming positions.

Here are your most perspective opportunities:

  • pet stores,
  • kennels,
  • veterinary clinics,
  • humane societies,
  • personal business.

It’s not the same to work in a vet clinic and a pet store.

Sure, all you do is grooming, but sometimes you’ll get dogs or cats that require a special treatment.

Be prepared for neglected pooches that need help desperately.

Don’t forget that those good-looking dogs need help staying that way.

Whatever you do, you’ll find this career path quite rewarding.

Salary: How Much Can I Earn as a Groomer in Arkansas?

Arkansas is not that expensive to live in, so that’s made an impact on salaries.

According to, groomers in Jonesboro have the highest annual wage of $31, 263.

It’s slightly harder for people in Fort Smith.

Their groomers have an average annual salary of $28,822.

To see the full list of eleven Arkansas’ cities, see the salary table.


Final Words

How hard is it to become a groomer in Arkansas?

The answer is simple.

It’s easy to study for a groomer as long as your dedicated and hardworking.

Anyone can do it at any given time of their life!

Grooming is a terrific option for those of you who love dogs and taking care of them.

It’s also a great second job that could bring you some extra cash.

The best thing is, you’re doing what you love surrounded by the best clientele: dogs! 

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