How to Become a Dog Groomer in South Dakota

Even though there are some dog groomers who will look for a job with just a high school degree (or even without it) and a passion to work with animals, there are also some of them who prefer achieving a certain level of education prior to starting working.

Dog grooming profession rapidly grows and offers numerous courses, training programs, and education for these animal lovers.

At the same time, a dog grooming career offers an abundance of jobs for people interested in animal welfare and focused on helping the animals.

Job Description and Duties of Dog Groomers

What a Groomer Does is quite a frequent question.

Professional South Dakota dog groomers can work at veterinary clinics, pet stores, or pet grooming salons.

His/her duties are taking care of all kinds of pets, and that will depend on the facility where they work.

In the majority of cases, they take care of dogs, meaning that they wash and brush pets, providing specific breed grooming, and specialty grooming services.

A dog groomer in South Dakota can also find employment in kennels, animal shelters, and other private businesses.

A dog groomer’s roles are versatile, challenging, and demanding, but very rewarding at the same time.

Being that dog groomers should know everything about animal care as they will be involved in determining their medical conditions, prior to performing their duties, it is highly suggested that they get educated and trained.

Requirements to Become Dog Groomer in South Dakota

Considering the fact that there is no formal education requirement for pet grooming careers, there are many people who want to become groomers after high school.

However, so as to make your job prospects better and your salaries higher, it is advisable to enroll in courses available to help those who are interested in this field to advance their skills and knowledge.

In South Dakota, a number of different schools offer grooming courses and training programs and how much it will take to be finished varies from school to school.

What is even better, there are some schools which are even starting to offer online training courses.

What aspiring dog groomers can expect at these schools are typical courses such as safety and first aid, breed and coat recognition, nail clipping and ear cleaning, grooming matted fur and troublesome breeds, and even some anatomy and biology.

There are also specialty courses available to study, such as breed-specific training courses.

In many occupations, knowledge is essential, but when dog grooming is in question, the biggest requirement for becoming a successful dog groomer is experience.

So, many prospective groomers decide to be apprentices in a grooming salon, animal hospital, or boarding facility with the aim to gain valuable experience in the field.

Licensing & Certification

The NDGAA is very attractive to young learners as it offers two types of certification for dog groomers.

You can become the National Certified Groomer, but only after you pass a written exam and practical grooming test.

First, you must attend a grooming workshop hosted by NDGAA, demonstrate your skills and knowledge on four different breeds, including non-sporting and sporting dogs, short-legged terriers, and long-legged terriers and if all these exams are done well, a certificate will be issued to you.

Furthermore, groomers can take an additional written test to become a National Certified Master Groomer.

These certifications are beneficial due to the fact that they offer membership to the NDGAA, networking opportunities, better-paying jobs, and more professional accreditation for the field.

Salary and Job Prospects in South Dakota

South Dakota Dog Grooming Career is becoming an increasingly popular career choice.

The reason for this is the high demand for more professionals which has grown significantly over the past decade.

In order to save your time researching the Internet, we gathered all the different things that you need to know before choosing this career path.

You need to make sure you get the right education, training, and support to become a groomer in South Dakota.

Besides getting educated, what people are most interested in is the Annual Salary and Expected Pay, as well as job prospects in South Dakota.

Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the employment of dog groomers is expected to grow due to the increasing number of animal owners and the necessity for new facilities which will be lacking the educated and skilled staff.

Pet groomers can decide whether they will work only with dogs or with some other animals.

The finding of a satisfying job should not be a problem as the job offer in South Dakota is huge and there is always an opportunity of opening your own facility.

Wages for dog groomers are decent and the amount of money they get is expected to increase in the years to come.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics is trying to find out how the annual salary of a dog groomer varies among the cities around the USA and especially among the cities within one particular state.

According to recent research, South Dakota dog groomers can expect an average hourly wage of around $9.34 per hour.

However, it still depends on the position, experience, and exact location and type of business that a groomer is working in.

Salaries may range from about $16,140 per year up to over $28,000 per year for dog groomers in South Dakota.

Taking into consideration the fact that South Dakota is experiencing a growing population, so it is likely that the demand for dog groomers will rise in the next decade, as well.

The table below shows the salary of a dog groomers in the state of South Dakota annually:

LocationAvg. Annual Salary
Sioux Falls$30,367
Rapid City$30,072

Continuing Education and Professional Resources

We would like to inform young people eager to become groomers or those who are already in this field, that there are many free learning tools and paid training courses online that can be taken to start and even further your career in dog grooming.

So as to keep on being successful, each and every groomer should stay updated on the most current tools, techniques, and trends of the industry.

South Dakota has more than 50 grooming salons and animal hospitals throughout the state where you can get hands-on experience or work after you finish your education.

The Sioux Falls Area Humane Society is the place where you can get more information about the South Dakota pet grooming industry and training opportunities, as well as workshops hosted by the NDGAA, or National Dog Groomers Association of America, Inc.

Besides allowing groomers to improve their skills and work, the NDGAA also offers breed study kits for those wishing to perfect their craft in breed-specific grooming.

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