How to Become a Dog Groomer in Georgia

Schooling for a dog groomer isn’t a tough path you need to cross.

Once you get to know the all the catches about grooming, you’ll see how simple is to become a dog groomer.

This is a modern job that brings so much joy to all dog lovers.

You help the dogs look good, feel healthy, and you’re happy about it too!

Oh, and the money is great too!

What else can you want from a job?

If you haven’t already fallen for dog grooming, you will after learning what it takes to become one.

Job Description: What Does a Dog Groomer Do?

It takes a lot of effort for a dog to look good, and dog groomers know it the best.

Even though this job can get tricky from time to time, it’s all worth once you see the end result.

It’s a groomer’s duty to perform a visual check of the dog.

If there are any rashes, or other skin, coat or ear conditions, the vet must be informed.

This way you prevent health issues on time.

Once the groomer makes sure everything’s alright with the dog, it’s time for the standard grooming procedure.

Bathing, trimming, clipping, and cleaning are simple steps on the way to getting a dog look good and feel fine.

Schooling Requirements: Becoming a Dog Groomer in Georgia

A dog grooming course in Georgia is pretty easy to take.

You don’t need to have any previously finished courses or classes to enroll.

What makes dog grooming program in Georgia so diverse is the number of different training types.

If you opt for a formal grooming course, I must warn you there are only three major dog grooming schools, all three of them near Atlanta.

Those of you who are not within a driving distance of the state’s capital might consider a different type of schooling.

Plenty of students decide to learn from a much-experienced groomer as their apprentice.

This way you get to learn in a more practical way.

You build connections and explore the industry first-handed.

No matter which schooling option you choose, you need to know that with some dedication and love everything is possible.

Popular Programs

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Dog Groomer’s Licenses in Georgia

Future Georgia dog groomers can relax.

After graduation, nothing’s stopping you from practicing dog grooming.

Georgia groomers don’t need a license in order to start working.

Grab your clippers and let’s get started!

Job Opportunities for Dog Groomers in Georgia

Now that you’ve finished grooming school it’s time to find a job.

But, where exactly can you work as a dog groomer?

The list of job opportunities is quite simple:

  • vet clinics
  • pet stores
  • animal shelters
  • grooming salons
  • personal business

There are a lot of shelters and clinics that need a helping hand.

The most of the time, rescuers will bring in a neglected dog.

Your job is as much as important as a vet’s.

Cutting overgrown coat and nails will relieve the dog from pain.

Wouldn’t you love working in an environment where you’ll feel helpful?

Choose your job carefully according to your preferences.

Some dog groomers find working in a private business more enjoyable and less stressful.

No one will judge the job position you take.

This is a career with plenty of advantages you’ll get to know during your grooming days.

Helpful Resources for Dog Groomers in Georgia

Finding a job isn’t an easy task to do.

You can’t just walk into the first pet store and demand one.

You can, but chances are someone will hire you with that attitude are close to none.

You’ll have much more chance to find a decent job if you research some of the following links: 

The Find a groomer is the best place to look for grooming jobs in your area, as well as outside it.

Those dog groomers who would like to work or volunteer in the northeast region of Georgia and in Atlanta should check out the links to humane societies provided above.

Grooming Duties

I’m sure you all have a general idea about groomer’s duties, but let’s get into details.

I’d like to divide a groomer’s duties into two categories: 

  • technical tasks and
  • actual dog grooming

Under technical tasks I mean those duties you have to do before and after customers.

A groomer’s job is to make appointments, create a schedule, and communicate with potential clients.

Great communication skills and charisma can lead you to establish a great relationship with your regulars, but you can also win some new ones.

A good connection with dog owners is a must.

They’re trusting you their dogs, so make sure you take a good care of them.

Taking care of dog customers, aka grooming, consists of several steps: 

  • examining the dog’s features (coat, nails, ears) for potential infections
  • combing and detangling the coat
  • bathing and drying
  • cutting and styling the coat
  • cutting nails
  • cleaning ears and eye stains if there are any
  • brushing teeth

With the use of your trustful grooming tools, you’ll manage to make a dog shine again in no time.

Whether you have to do flea baths or a special cut for a dog show, once you’re out of grooming school, you’ll be able to complete successfully everything a customer demands.

Potential Pay: Dog Groomer’s Salary in Georgia

Compared to other US states, Georgia dog groomers have a higher annual salary.

According to, you can earn about $38k a year.

Of course, salaries depend on your level of expertise.

Novice groomers can expect to start with $20k.

Once you gain more experience, that number can climb up to an amazing $60k!

Are you interested to see how much groomers make in your area?

Well, you better check out our salary table.

LocationAvg. Annual Salary
Abbeville, GA$30,843
Acworth, GA$30,843
Adairsville, GA$31,438
Adel, GA$30,680
Adrian, GA$31,006
Ailey, GA$31,006
Alamo, GA$31,006
Alapaha, GA$30,680
Albany, GA$30,916
Allenhurst, GA$31,204
Allentown, GA$31,006
Alma, GA$31,204
Alpharetta, GA$32,952
Alston, GA$31,105
Alto, GA$32,606
Ambrose, GA$30,680
Americus, GA$30,680
Andersonville, GA$30,680
Appling, GA$30,915
Arabi, GA$30,680
Aragon, GA$32,889
Argyle, GA$32,071
Arlington, GA$30,314
Armuchee, GA$29,987
Arnoldsville, GA$32,889
Ashburn, GA$30,680
Athens, GA$32,889
Atlanta, GA$33,125
Attapulgus, GA$30,303
Auburn, GA$32,889
Augusta, GA$31,104
Austell, GA$33,047
Avera, GA$30,868
Avondale Estates, GA$33,125
Axson, GA$31,376
Baconton, GA$30,853
Bainbridge, GA$30,303
Baldwin, GA$32,606
Ball Ground, GA$32,889
Barnesville, GA$31,006
Barney, GA$30,492
Bartow, GA$30,868
Barwick, GA$30,303
Baxley, GA$31,204
Bellville, GA$31,204
Berlin, GA$30,680
Bethlehem, GA$32,889
Bishop, GA$32,889
Blackshear, GA$32,071
Blairsville, GA$31,133
Blakely, GA$29,479
Bloomingdale, GA$31,409
Blue Ridge, GA$29,987
Bluffton, GA$29,963
Blythe, GA$30,994
Bogart, GA$32,889
Bolingbroke, GA$31,194
Bonaire, GA$31,021
Boneville, GA$30,868
Boston, GA$30,303
Bostwick, GA$32,889
Bowdon, GA$32,889
Bowdon Junction, GA$32,889
Bowersville, GA$32,321
Bowman, GA$32,321
Box Springs, GA$30,182
Braselton, GA$32,889
Bremen, GA$32,889
Brinson, GA$29,864
Bristol, GA$31,637
Bronwood, GA$30,775
Brookfield, GA$30,680
Brooklet, GA$31,204
Brooks, GA$32,889
Broxton, GA$30,680
Brunswick, GA$32,071
Buchanan, GA$32,889
Buckhead, GA$31,006
Buena Vista, GA$30,151
Buford, GA$32,889
Butler, GA$30,685
Byromville, GA$30,820
Byron, GA$31,178
Cadwell, GA$31,006
Cairo, GA$30,447
Calhoun, GA$29,987
Calvary, GA$30,357
Camak, GA$30,868
Camilla, GA$30,680
Canon, GA$32,321
Canton, GA$32,889
Carlton, GA$32,321
Carnesville, GA$32,321
Carrollton, GA$32,889
Cartersville, GA$32,889
Cassville, GA$32,889
Cataula, GA$30,323
Cave Spring, GA$32,889
Cecil, GA$30,680
Cedar Springs, GA$29,479
Cedartown, GA$32,889
Centerville, GA$31,178
Chatsworth, GA$29,987
Chauncey, GA$31,006
Cherry Log, GA$29,987
Chester, GA$31,006
Chestnut Mountain, GA$32,889
Chickamauga, GA$30,191
Chula, GA$30,680
Cisco, GA$29,987
Clarkdale, GA$33,031
Clarkesville, GA$32,321
Clarkston, GA$33,125
Claxton, GA$31,204
Clayton, GA$32,321
Clermont, GA$32,889
Cleveland, GA$32,889
Climax, GA$30,303
Clinchfield, GA$31,006
Clyo, GA$31,204
Cobb, GA$30,680
Cobbtown, GA$31,204
Cochran, GA$31,006
Cohutta, GA$30,049
Colbert, GA$32,606
Coleman, GA$30,053
Collins, GA$31,204
Colquitt, GA$30,142
Columbus, GA$30,386
Comer, GA$32,321
Commerce, GA$32,889
Concord, GA$32,419
Conley, GA$33,125
Conyers, GA$32,937
Coolidge, GA$30,523
Coosa, GA$29,987
Cordele, GA$30,680
Cornelia, GA$32,606
Cotton, GA$30,680
Covington, GA$32,889
Crandall, GA$29,987
Crawford, GA$31,588
Crawfordville, GA$30,868
Crescent, GA$31,204
Culloden, GA$31,006
Cumming, GA$32,889
Cusseta, GA$30,276
Cuthbert, GA$30,680
Dacula, GA$32,889
Dahlonega, GA$32,889
Daisy, GA$31,204
Dallas, GA$32,889
Dalton, GA$29,987
Damascus, GA$30,262
Danielsville, GA$32,606
Danville, GA$31,006
Darien, GA$31,204
Davisboro, GA$30,868
Dawson, GA$30,743
Dawsonville, GA$32,889
De Soto, GA$30,680
Dearing, GA$30,884
Decatur, GA$33,125
Demorest, GA$32,606
Denton, GA$30,843
Dewy Rose, GA$32,321
Dexter, GA$31,006
Dillard, GA$32,321
Dixie, GA$30,303
Doerun, GA$30,696
Donalsonville, GA$29,425
Douglas, GA$30,680
Douglasville, GA$32,952
Dover, GA$31,204
Dry Branch, GA$31,131
Du Pont, GA$31,018
Dublin, GA$31,006
Dudley, GA$31,006
Duluth, GA$32,952
East Dublin, GA$31,006
East Ellijay, GA$29,987
Eastanollee, GA$32,321
Eastman, GA$31,006
Eatonton, GA$31,006
Eden, GA$31,314
Edison, GA$30,395
Elberton, GA$32,321
Elko, GA$31,006
Ellabell, GA$31,252
Ellaville, GA$30,343
Ellenton, GA$30,680
Ellenwood, GA$33,094
Ellerslie, GA$30,292
Ellijay, GA$31,438
Emerson, GA$32,889
Enigma, GA$30,680
Epworth, GA$29,987
Esom Hill, GA$32,889
Eton, GA$29,987
Evans, GA$31,104
Experiment, GA$32,668
Fairburn, GA$32,984
Fairmount, GA$31,438
Fargo, GA$32,071
Farmington, GA$32,889
Fayetteville, GA$32,921
Felton, GA$32,889
Fitzgerald, GA$30,680
Fleming, GA$31,236
Flintstone, GA$30,222
Flovilla, GA$31,348
Flowery Branch, GA$32,889
Folkston, GA$32,071
Forest Park, GA$33,109
Forsyth, GA$31,053
Fort Benning, GA$30,386
Fort Gaines, GA$29,499
Fort Oglethorpe, GA$30,222
Fort Stewart, GA$31,204
Fort Valley, GA$31,021
Fortson, GA$30,370
Fowlstown, GA$30,303
Franklin, GA$31,520
Franklin Springs, GA$32,321
Funston, GA$30,680
Gainesville, GA$32,889
Garfield, GA$30,868
Gay, GA$31,977
Geneva, GA$30,151
Georgetown, GA$29,887
Gibson, GA$30,868
Gillsville, GA$32,889
Girard, GA$30,868
Glenn, GA$31,520
Glennville, GA$31,204
Glenwood, GA$31,006
Good Hope, GA$32,889
Gordon, GA$31,116
Gough, GA$30,868
Gracewood, GA$31,104
Grantville, GA$32,889
Gray, GA$31,194
Grayson, GA$32,889
Graysville, GA$30,144
Greensboro, GA$31,006
Greenville, GA$30,151
Griffin, GA$32,446
Grovetown, GA$31,056
Guyton, GA$31,204
Habersham, GA$32,606
Haddock, GA$31,084
Hagan, GA$31,204
Hahira, GA$30,492
Hamilton, GA$30,229
Hampton, GA$32,889
Haralson, GA$32,889
Hardwick, GA$31,037
Harlem, GA$30,946
Harrison, GA$31,006
Hartsfield, GA$30,680
Hartwell, GA$32,321
Hawkinsville, GA$31,006
Hazlehurst, GA$30,964
Helen, GA$32,606
Helena, GA$31,025
Hephzibah, GA$31,025
Hiawassee, GA$31,422
High Shoals, GA$32,889
Hillsboro, GA$31,037
Hinesville, GA$31,204
Hiram, GA$32,921
Hoboken, GA$32,071
Hogansville, GA$30,151
Holly Springs, GA$32,889
Homer, GA$32,889
Homerville, GA$32,071
Hortense, GA$31,637
Hoschton, GA$32,889
Howard, GA$30,341
Hull, GA$32,889
Ideal, GA$30,685
Ila, GA$32,606
Iron City, GA$29,425
Irwinton, GA$31,006
Irwinville, GA$31,776
Jackson, GA$31,776
Jacksonville, GA$30,680
Jakin, GA$29,425
Jasper, GA$32,889
Jefferson, GA$32,889
Jeffersonville, GA$31,084
Jekyll Island, GA$32,071
Jenkinsburg, GA$32,119
Jersey, GA$32,889
Jesup, GA$31,204
Jewell, GA$30,868
Jonesboro, GA$33,015
Juliette, GA$31,053
Junction City, GA$30,151
Kathleen, GA$31,006
Kennesaw, GA$32,937
Keysville, GA$30,931
Kings Bay, GA$32,071
Kingsland, GA$32,071
Kingston, GA$32,889
Kite, GA$30,937
Knoxville, GA$31,021
La Fayette, GA$30,002
Lagrange, GA$30,151
Lake Park, GA$30,303
Lakeland, GA$30,492
Lakemont, GA$32,321
Lavonia, GA$32,321
Lawrenceville, GA$32,889
Leary, GA$30,743
Lebanon, GA$32,889
Leesburg, GA$30,900
Lenox, GA$30,680
Leslie, GA$30,680
Lexington, GA$31,588
Lilburn, GA$33,031
Lilly, GA$30,680
Lincolnton, GA$30,868
Lindale, GA$32,889
Lithia Springs, GA$33,047
Lithonia, GA$33,015
Lizella, GA$31,178
Locust Grove, GA$32,376
Loganville, GA$32,889
Lookout Mountain, GA$30,222
Louisville, GA$30,868
Louvale, GA$30,167
Lovejoy, GA$32,905
Ludowici, GA$31,204
Lula, GA$32,889
Lumber City, GA$30,843
Lumpkin, GA$30,179
Luthersville, GA$32,889
Lyerly, GA$29,987
Lyons, GA$31,204
Mableton, GA$33,109
Macon, GA$31,241
Madison, GA$31,948
Manassas, GA$31,204
Manchester, GA$30,151
Manor, GA$32,071
Mansfield, GA$32,419
Marble Hill, GA$32,889
Marietta, GA$33,031
Marshallville, GA$31,006
Martin, GA$32,321
Matthews, GA$30,868
Mauk, GA$30,208
Maxeys, GA$31,588
Maysville, GA$32,889
Mc Caysville, GA$29,987
Mc Intyre, GA$31,006
Mc Rae, GA$31,006
Mcdonough, GA$32,889
Meansville, GA$31,006
Meigs, GA$30,586
Meldrim, GA$31,346
Menlo, GA$29,987
Meridian, GA$31,204
Mershon, GA$31,204
Mesena, GA$30,868
Metter, GA$31,204
Midland, GA$30,370
Midville, GA$30,868
Midway, GA$31,204
Milan, GA$30,843
Milledgeville, GA$31,006
Millen, GA$30,868
Millwood, GA$31,376
Milner, GA$31,359
Mineral Bluff, GA$29,987
Mitchell, GA$30,868
Molena, GA$30,151
Monroe, GA$32,889
Montezuma, GA$31,006
Monticello, GA$31,006
Montrose, GA$31,006
Moody A F B, GA$30,303
Moreland, GA$32,889
Morgan, GA$30,680
Morganton, GA$29,987
Morris, GA$30,035
Morrow, GA$33,062
Morven, GA$30,492
Moultrie, GA$30,680
Mount Airy, GA$32,606
Mount Berry, GA$31,438
Mount Vernon, GA$31,006
Mount Zion, GA$32,889
Mountain City, GA$32,321
Murrayville, GA$32,889
Musella, GA$31,021
Mystic, GA$30,680
Nahunta, GA$32,071
Nashville, GA$30,680
Naylor, GA$30,492
Nelson, GA$32,889
Newborn, GA$32,324
Newington, GA$31,204
Newnan, GA$32,889
Newton, GA$30,728
Nicholls, GA$31,318
Nicholson, GA$32,889
Norcross, GA$33,031
Norman Park, GA$30,680
Norristown, GA$30,937
North Metro, GA$32,952
Norwood, GA$30,868
Nunez, GA$30,868
Oakfield, GA$30,790
Oakman, GA$29,987
Oakwood, GA$32,889
Ochlocknee, GA$30,462
Ocilla, GA$30,680
Oconee, GA$31,006
Odum, GA$31,204
Offerman, GA$31,637
Oglethorpe, GA$31,006
Oliver, GA$31,204
Omaha, GA$30,182
Omega, GA$30,680
Orchard Hill, GA$31,892
Oxford, GA$32,889
Palmetto, GA$32,905
Parrott, GA$30,630
Patterson, GA$31,637
Pavo, GA$30,303
Peachtree City, GA$32,889
Pearson, GA$30,680
Pelham, GA$30,644
Pembroke, GA$31,204
Pendergrass, GA$32,889
Perkins, GA$30,868
Perry, GA$31,006
Pine Lake, GA$33,125
Pine Mountain, GA$30,151
Pine Mountain Valley, GA$30,182
Pinehurst, GA$30,952
Pineview, GA$30,843
Pitts, GA$30,680
Plains, GA$30,575
Plainville, GA$29,987
Pooler, GA$31,440
Portal, GA$31,204
Porterdale, GA$32,889
Poulan, GA$30,712
Powder Springs, GA$32,999
Preston, GA$30,392
Pulaski, GA$31,204
Putney, GA$30,916
Quitman, GA$30,303
Rabun Gap, GA$32,321
Ranger, GA$31,438
Ray City, GA$30,680
Rayle, GA$30,868
Rebecca, GA$30,680
Red Oak, GA$33,062
Redan, GA$33,078
Register, GA$31,204
Reidsville, GA$31,204
Rentz, GA$31,006


So, what have we learned about dog groomers in Georgia?

To start with, education is quite simple and easy if you’re willing to learn.

Your customers are adorable four-legged creatures that know how to show gratitude.

If you love dogs, you’ll find this career option relaxing and rewarding.

Hurry and sign up for a dog grooming course today.

Georgia dogs need you!


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