How to Become a Dog Groomer in South Carolina

For those people who have loved cats, dogs, lizards, and frogs since they were children, becoming a dog groomer may be a deeply rewarding job, as it does not require too long education, and courses are quite affordable.

Education for a pet groomer career is the first step that should be taken considering the fact that nowadays dog groomers play a crucial role in the pet industry.

The increasing number of pet owners and their care for the pets make their role more relevant than ever.

If you are wondering why we mentioned education as a first step, even though in many states, it is not obligatory, we have to sat that your abilities will allow you to look for a better job and earn higher salaries, and you cannot get them unless you attend courses or some kind of training related to this field.

In order to successfully perform this job, you have to love animals, treat them with kindness, and provide excellent work that will satisfy the wants and needs of animal owners, and you can expect a wide variety of them.

Job Description and Duties of Dog Groomers

Those of you who want to know how to become a Dog Groomer in South Carolina should be glad to find out that there are opportunities to start your exciting career path as a professional dog groomer in South Carolina.

One of the reasons why so many young people decide to enter into this profession is that they as professional dog groomers, can earn competitive pay, work on their own if they open their facilities, while at the same time provide a service that is always in demand and do the job that makes them feel proud, satisfied and pleased.

Dog groomers in South Carolina can look for a job in all types of settings, which include private shops, veterinary facilities, animal shelters, dog kennels, and more.

As a professional dog groomer in South Carolina, you will be educated to perform the most diverse responsibilities.

Some of them will include the bathing and drying process.

They need to wash a dog’s coat as well as flush the ears and like many others in the profession, these services vary depending on the specific breed of dog.

Dog groomers must know how to differentiate between those procedures and apply the most appropriate ones when needed.

Other daily activities of these professionals are clipping and cutting, and a variety of tools is used for this.

This is another reason why training is necessary so as to successfully perform this job.

All those tools have different usages and South Carolina dog groomers are schooled in the arts of using a traditional clipper blade as well as barber shears.

They will be also taught how to use other tools due to the fact that there is a good deal of functional equipment at their disposal.

It is dog groomers’ responsibility to choose whether to use such techniques as hand scissoring and hand stripping.

Requirements to Become Dog Groomer in South Carolina

Some people will find it amazing that there is no need to possess a high school diploma or GED equivalency so as to become a professional dog groomer in South Carolina.

However, we want to tell you that those certifications will be very helpful to dog groomers in training, but are not mandatory to join the training program.

In case you decide to enroll in any dog grooming program, you can expect to turn in regular assignments and perform a variety of skill assessments so that you gain the knowledge and experience in the field.

During the courses, South Carolina dog groomers will not only get a broad knowledge of breeds but also some safety tips which will be used later on to control a dog’s temperament and keep the dog safe throughout the process.

Salary and Job Prospects in South Carolina

Completing the appropriate educational program and achieving a certificate leads to a lot of job opportunities.

Job prospects in South Carolina are promising as the employment of dog groomers is expected to grow.

People focused on helping the animals get better appearance and be healthy and who have achieved the necessary education should look for a perfect job.

When looking for a job, dog groomers should pay attention to details related to salary.

As in any other profession, there are numerous factors that affect the salary such as education, experience, responsibilities, work setting, and working hours of the facility.

It is reasonable that the higher annual salary is offered to those employees that are more experienced and devoted to their job, as well as to those who work night shifts and at the weekend.

Novice dog groomers have to fight for their place in the facility and deserve higher salaries.

The average dog groomer salary in South Carolina averages out at $29,000 per year.

The table below shows the salary of a dog groomer in the state of South Carolina annually:

LocationAvg. Annual Salary
North Charleston$32,904
Rock Hill$34,105
Mount Pleasant$32,904
Hilton Head Island$32,180

Continuing Education and Professional Resources

Belonging to future Dog Groomers makes you a person who we suggest taking a close look at the following resources as you will be able to find extremely useful and beneficial details that may help you make an easier decision about your future.

American Kennel Club (AKC) which was established at the end of the 19th century is actually the dog owner community and since its foundation, it has been providing an abundance of resources to dog owners.

South Carolina Humane Society – The organization which has been fighting animal cruelty since 1902. Through this organization in South Carolina, you can report animal cruelty or register your dog to get spayed or neutered.

South Carolina Dog Training Directory is a site for dog training services, as well as a place where you can find a comprehensive list of dog services in South Carolina.

National Dog Groomers Association of America – a collection of dog groomers from all over the country. Here, both aspiring and established dog groomers can find valuable tips, information, and national workshops that help enhance their craft. Becoming a member of the NDGAA is a huge benefit for professional dog groomers.

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