How to Become a Dog Groomer in South Carolina

why not become a dog groomer

For people who have loved animals since they were children, becoming a dog groomer may be a deeply rewarding job.

For one, it doesn’t require too long an education, and courses are quite affordable.

This education is the first step you’re going to take considering the crucial role dog groomers play in the pet industry today.

You might not be aware, but there’s an increasing number of pet owners who value pet care more than ever.

As such, pet groomers have now become more relevant than ever.

By getting your education, you’ll acquire abilities that will allow you to look for a better job and earn higher salaries.

So without further ado, here’s how you can become a dog groomer in South Carolina.

Dog Grooming: What It Entails

So many young people decide to enter this profession because of the following reasons:

  • Can earn competitive pay
  • Work on their own hours, especially if they open their own business
  • Provide a service that’s always in-demand

Not to mention they’re able to do a job that makes them feel proud, satisfied, and pleased.

You’ll be working at animal care facilities where you’ll be responsible for a lot of things.

Your tasks include but aren’t limited to:

  • Bathing and drying
  • Washing fur
  • Cleaning ears, eyes, and teeth
  • Cutting fur
  • Clipping nails

Know, however, that the service you do depends on the breed of the dog.

Also, you’ll use different tools and equipment, such as clipper blades and barber shears.

So you must know how to differentiate dog grooming procedures and apply them appropriately.

This is one of the reasons why training is necessary to successfully perform this job.

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Requirements to Become a Dog Groomer in South Carolina

college degree isn't necessary to be a dog groomer

South Carolina doesn’t require you to have a college degree to be a dog groomer.

You only need to possess a high school diploma or GED equivalency.

However, you’re encouraged to enroll in a certification program.

Not only will you earn a certificate after completion, but most importantly, you’ll be trained thoroughly in dog grooming.

During class, you’ll have coursework assigned to polish and assess your knowledge and skills.

The course will focus more on two points: knowledge on dog breed and management of dog behavior.

Other things you’ll learn are how to use tools and equipment properly and when to use grooming techniques.

Job Prospects in South Carolina

Completing the training program and earning a certificate lead to a lot of job opportunities.

Today, job prospects in South Carolina look promising.

Per the Bureau of Labor Statistics (May 2020), the state has opened 3,390 jobs, with an employment rate of 1.68 per 1000 jobs.

In South Carolina, you can work as a dog groomer in different workplaces, such as:

  • Vet facilities
  • Animal shelters
  • Dog kennels
  • Private shops, e.g., pet stores and grooming salons

Potential Salary in South Carolina

When looking for a job, dog groomers should pay attention to the salary details.

Many factors affect it such as education, experience, workload, work setting, and working hours.

As such, it’s reasonable that higher salaries are offered to those with more experience and higher skill levels.

Novice dog groomers have to work harder for their place in the facility to deserve higher salaries.

According to, you can earn an average annual salary of $33,401 as of January 2022.

Take a look at how much you can earn if you belong to a certain percentile.

Percentile Salary
10% $21,747
25% $27,301
50% $33,401
75% $41,701
90% $49,258

The table below shows the salary of a dog groomer in South Carolina annually.

Average Annual Salary by Location

Location Avg. Annual Salary
Columbia $32,543
Charleston $32,904
North Charleston $32,904
Greenville $33,805
Rock Hill $34,105
Mount Pleasant $32,904
Spartanburg $32,141
Sumter $30,984
Hilton Head Island $32,180
Florence $31,157

Regional Salary in South Carolina

Region Employed Avg. Annual Salary Avg. Hourly Pay Top 10% Annual Salary Bottom 10% Annual Salary
Charleston-North Charleston, SC880$27,770$13.35$37,220$18,700
Columbia, SC1,050$28,780$13.84$40,200$21,120
Florence, SC90$26,330$12.66$35,000$18,190
Greenville-Anderson-Mauldin, SC810$28,360$13.63$37,750$21,780
Hilton Head Island-Bluffton-Beaufort, SC280$30,010$14.43$39,520$21,960
Myrtle Beach-Conway-North Myrtle Beach, SC-NC430$27,140$13.05$36,160$18,880
Spartanburg, SC220$27,290$13.12$37,440$20,210
Sumter, SC70$25,310$12.17$27,900$19,860
* Salary information based on the May 2022 Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) Survey for Animal Caretakers, OCC Code 39-2021, BLS.
* Employment conditions in your area may vary.

Helpful Resources

continuing education for dog groomers

As a future dog groomer, we suggest taking a closer look at the following resources to help you with your career decisions.

Final Words

It’s not so bad being a dog groomer in South Carolina.

Here you can have opportunities to start your exciting career path as a professional dog groomer.

Of course, before you can be one, you have to be first and foremost an animal lover.

Treat dogs with kindness, and provide excellent service that satisfies the needs of both dogs and pet owners

Help them become beautiful and physically healthy.

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