How to Become a Dog Groomer in Ohio

There are many people who are passionate about animals and which is focused on providing the best possible care to them.

If you are very eager to make animals look beautiful, you should look for a career as a pet groomer.

These professionals do this rewarding job simply because they have a desire to work with animals and at the same time, earn some money for living.

The number of pet owners is increasing and that makes the pet grooming job even more demanding.

Even though many of us consider that the desire to work with animals is enough to enter this field, there are certain skills and knowledge that an individual has to possess so as to successfully perform this job.

Job Description and Duties of Dog Groomers

As you are reading our article, you are probably interested in Dog Grooming Career in Ohio.

Your love towards dogs or any other animal can now be combined with a career that does not require education that will take you time and money but still entails some skills.

Once you become a pet groomer, you will get a chance to work with the animals every day.

We want to emphasize the fact that at the very beginning of this career path, you may find it difficult to get familiar with all duties that this rewarding career entails.

Dog groomers are responsible for helping dog owners keep their pets clean and healthy, meaning that they need to possess some knowledge about possible skin illnesses, to be able to recognize them, and to know how to deal with them.

The healthcare that dog groomers provide is not that of a veterinarian, but they still play a vital role in ensuring that the dog is in its best condition and they can even suggest the owner that they should visit the veterinarian.

Besides these tasks, the groomer’s main role is to bathe the animal, trim fur, cut nails, and offer styling options.

Requirements to Become Dog Groomer in Ohio

Unlike some other states, Ohio has some groomer requirements that potential dog groomers have to meet.

The state offers a number of educational options in Ohio, and your first step towards a successful dog grooming career is to attend a certified school.

There you will have classes related to the grooming profession as well as hands-on training so as to exercise your skills.

After graduation, official certification will be granted to you, which proves your devotion to this career and desire to be the best.

An alternative to going to school is to work alongside an experienced groomer and learn the techniques.

What we need to mention is that the only way of being successful in the dog groomer career is to possess a combination of education and on-site experience.

Licensing & Certification

Some of the schools throughout Ohio, where you can gain education and license are the following:

  • Diamond-Cut Dog Grooming School is proud to have been teaching students from all over the U.S. and Ohio for many years. The school is licensed through The Ohio State Board Of Career Colleges and Schools.
  • The Happy Pets Academy of Grooming and Classic Pets Boarding and Grooming Salon whose employees have performed professionally grooming and handling dogs for many years and have been teaching grooming for over 20 years. The school is located in the heart of Canton, Ohio.
  • Cleveland Grooming Academy is focused on providing high-quality grooming lessons, and they have to offer a 300 hour, 10-week course during which students will be equipped with the set skills they need to succeed. All courses are registered and approved by the Ohio State Board of Career Colleges and Schools.

Salary and Job Prospects in Ohio

In the modern world, people tend to bring their pets to grooming locations available throughout the state, but in Ohio, many dog owners actually prefer their groomer to come to their home to take care of their pet.

That is why there are numerous job opportunities in mobile dog grooming facilities, which even give groomers the advantage of traveling throughout the state.

Becoming a dog groomer is a dream job of many people, but so as to be full satisfaction, they expect to earn a decent salary to have enough money for a living.

As in any other profession, the amount of daily work differs from one location to the other and the skills and education of dog groomers may affect the daily activities of a salon or facility.

How much dog groomers will earn in Ohio, depends on the work setting, experience, and daily duties that are assigned to them, meaning how many animals they can take care of during their shift.

After you get licensed, you cannot expect to have the same salary as the already experienced groomers.

The annual salary of a pet groomer differs among the major cities, but the difference is not so significant.

Because dog groomers can work in a variety of settings and locations, the salary range can vary considerably between $37,710 and $45,790.

According to this data, it is worth mentioning that a pet groomer career in Ohio can turn out to be very lucrative.

The table below shows their salary in the state of Ohio annually since it varies from one place to another:

LocationAvg. Annual Salary

Continuing Education and Professional Resources

Getting licensed is only the first step towards your development as a pet groomer.

After getting to work, you will notice that styles, demands and needs constantly change and you will need to meet them all.

This is only possible if you stay in line with the newest dog fashion trends.

What you need to do is to get familiar with organizations that provide continuing education opportunities as well as professional connections with possible employers and other dog groomers in the state and internationally.

Here you will find a list of dog groomers which you can contact them  inquire about employment opportunities:

Some of the Humane Societies in Ohio:

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