How to Become a Dog Groomer in Wyoming

Dog groomers are people who possess the ability to daily work with animals and if you are one of them then this is a perfect choice for the future job which gives satisfaction and fulfillment.

Another reason to get involved in this career is the fact that the chances of finding employment in animal-related practices are great as the number of them rises and dog groomers become more than necessary, especially because pet owners do not know how to perform their job themselves.

A dog groomer has to possess, besides patience and skills as they will work with animals of different temperament and behavior, great communication skills when talking with animal owners, and advising them on how to take care of their pets.

Job Description and Duties of Dog Groomers

Attention to detail when recording information and determining whether the animal is in good health or not.

Finally, a good dog groomer needs to possess problem-solving skills and decide whether the animal needs a visit to the veterinarian or there is a minor issue that can be solved by some cosmetology products.

All in all, this is not at all a naive job, and only if you consider yourself able to perform it, you should look for education and job opportunities.

We are here to offer you all the necessary information which you might find useful, as it will definitely save your time and effort required when researching the internet.

The licensed dog groomer can work in pet shops, kennels, the humane society and veterinarian clinics.

If he/she does not want to be employed and work for others, they can start their own business or can work outside of the home or in-home.

Working as a groomer in one’s home requires a special permit.

Requirements to Become Dog Groomer in Wyoming

When becoming a groomer it is not enough to possess love toward animals.

You need to have some kind of education, which is not that demanding as of the vet techs and veterinarians, but still quite beneficial and necessary.

In the state of Wyoming, a person can choose one of two paths to becoming a groomer.

In case that you want to enter the Career of a Wyoming Dog Groomer you need to meet licensing and certification requirements.

Even though the laws in Wyoming do not require individuals to have any type of formal training, numerous people decide to enter the education or training pripr to start working in a facility.

That way they can be sure that tehir skills would give tehm more chances of getting a satisfying job, and higher salaries.

You need to have in mind that a high school diploma or the equivalent of one is required unlike in mnay other states.

Furthermoe, there is a requirements that aspiring dog groomers must undergo on-the-job training to learn the basic skills if they canno afford or are not inetested in formal schoolinh.

Those who want to attend a school to receive a formal education in grooming whouls be taught the following: how to properly comb animals’ hair, different types of products for skin protection and care, how to properly remove fleas and how to clean the dog’s ears in order to remove wax and mites.

TThese are all skills that person cannot be familiar with unless somebody show him/her how to do them.

Just like any other occupation, finding a right school, requires a lot of effort and time.

Prospective groomers need to compare the offered programs, take into consideration the price, curriculum and length of them.

The school’s accreditation is also a significant factor when determining which one to enroll in.

It is worth menationing that eight schools exist in the state.

Licensing & Certification

Besided the fact thata groomer in Wyoming can work without a license, our suggestion is that an individual shoudl obtain a certification through an association such as the National Dog Groomers Association.

This will prove how devoted the person is when this career is in question, that he/she takes it seriously, thus increasing the person’s likelihood of finding a job and getting higher salaries.

Salary and Job Prospects in Wyoming

As a licensed dog groomer, you can seek part-time or full-time employment at a veterinary clinic, pet shop, animal shelter or zoo, salons, or rescue centers.

Wyoming, as well as the whole country, has an increasing number of animal-related facilities recently, meaning that the demand for new dog groomers is rising.

Employers tend to hire somebody with significant knowledge, skills, and experience, and a licensed dog groomer has numerous chances of getting a job quickly and without too many difficulties as the license proves his/her dedication to this career and qualities as well.

According to the job analysis, employment outlook this field will grow by 11 percent or 25,700 positions, which is faster than average.

Dog groomers earn a decent salary and pay is greater in urban areas, which should be taken into consideration when choosing an ideal place to work.

The annual salary of a dog groomer also depends on many other things – social and individual factors.

The annual income of the residents of the city where the facility is located, the development of the region, the level of education, working hours, experience, and the value of duties that a dog groomer performs all affect the pay rate.

It varies among the cities around Wyoming, starting from the lowest one in Gillette estimated at $ 30656, reaching up to $ 32663 in Cody, but the difference is not that huge.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average dog groomer makes about $10.22 per hour, while the highest-paid individuals in the field and those who own their salons can make over $50,000 per year.

The table below shows the salary of a dog groomer in the state of Wyoming annually:

LocationAvg. Annual Salary
Rock Springs$31,799
Green River$31,799

Continuing Education and Professional Resources

Upon getting a certification and finish training, it is typical that people start looking for a job and The Casper Humane Society, the Laramie Peak Humane Society, and the Rock Springs Humane Society are beneficial resources that not only provide information related to continuing education and job prospects, but even hire groomers.

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