How to Become a Dog Groomer in Colorado

The job of a groomer is a modern career that promotes good hygiene and good general health of a dog.

More and more people of all ages are deciding to follow this path.

This is a rewarding career that’s in the constant rise for the past few years.

There will always be a need for capable groomers.

Dogs need proper grooming.

We don’t want them to become neglected, ever!

If you’re interested in helping pups achieve their top condition, you’re going to need a grooming school.

Colorado offers a dog grooming program that will turn you into a professional groomer in no time.

Let’s see it together what it takes to become one.

What Does a Dog Groomer Actually Do?

When you think of dog grooming, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind?

I always thought of cutting a dog’s coat.

That’s just partially true.

I’ve learned that dog groomers do much more than just using their clippers.

A dog groomer is someone who:

  • baths the dog,
  • cuts its coat,
  • trims nails,
  • cleans ears and eyes,
  • lets the owner know if something’s wrong with the dog,
  • tries to maintain a dog’s good overall health.

Now that you have a general image of what a groomer does, let’s see how you can become one.

Education Requirements: Dog Grooming Program in Colorado

You’re free to enroll in a dog grooming program in Colorado even if you don’t have a high school diploma yet.

Of course, potential employers would love for you to have one, but it will come when it’s time.

So, if you’re a teen with a passion for trimmers, slicker brushes, and combs, you’ll manage just fine in a grooming school.

Finding your life calling is important, and it gets even better if you get it while you’re still young and able to build your career.

Nevertheless, signing up for grooming if you’re a bit older is always welcomed.

People of all ages and backgrounds choose this occupation.

Once you enroll, you’ll need to follow a comprehensive curriculum.

Your duties at the grooming school will consist of:

  • practicums,
  • skill assessments and
  • writing tests.

Getting a passing grade isn’t hard at all if you show some devotion.

Study hard and you’ll become Colorado’s newest dog groomer.

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Work Opportunities: What to Do after Grooming School?

Start job hunting prior to finishing a grooming program.

This will help you get to know the job market and the area you’re planning to work in.

Don’t forget to build good relationships with potential employers.

You never know where your luck will strike!

Now, here’s a little list of job opportunities for groomers in Colorado:

  • animal shelters,
  • pet stores,
  • vet clinics,
  • grooming shops and
  • personal business.

It’s up to you to choose which place you find the most rewarding to work at.

Some groomers find incredible joy in helping sheltered dogs look good and feel healthy.

Others would love to be their own boss and run a grooming business.

Hey, doesn’t a grooming van sound so cool?

Think about your next move after graduating.

Your education doesn’t stop after finishing a grooming program.

Groomers constantly improve their knowledge and skills.

That’s why it’s important for you, as a future fellow groomer, to attend seminars and follow the latest trends.

Also, joining official grooming societies in Colorado and the States will only benefit you.

Take a look at a list of the best grooming societies:

The Denver Dog Magazine is a publication for both dog enthusiasts and professional groomers.

Neverminding the Magazine’s city of origin, The Denver Dog Magazine is a valid reference for all dog groomers in Colorado.

If you want to check a place with all the information you’ll need about dogs, taking care of them, their behavior and personalities, you go to Colorado Dog Groomers Information.

As for the American Kennel Club and National Dog Groomers Association of America, they are both terrific sources for all kind of dog information any dog lover or a groomer will find interesting.


There are two steps in becoming a dog groomer in Colorado:

  • Enrolling in a grooming program and
  • finishing it successfully.

No licenses, no certifications, no nothing!

Once you graduate you’re free to start working as a groomer.

What Are My Duties as a Groomer?

I’ve already mentioned you a quick list of things one groomer does on a daily basis.

The truth is, a groomer’s duties can become a bit complicated.

Don’t worry, it’s nothing you don’t learn at grooming school.

While clipping, trimming, combing, and cutting are the fundamental duties, you’ll learn about other, more special skills.

When a dog owner asks you to do a certain style, you’ll use specific techniques to achieve the final look.

Some techniques require the use of clippers, while other prefer barber shears.

Just imagine how many different cutting styles you’ll learn.

That’s a lot of pretty pooches!

There are over two hundred dog breeds and you need to know how to tend different coat types.

Using hand-scissoring on short-haired dogs is a no-no.

We use that technique on long-haired dogs.

This particularity, and many more others will become etched in your mind forever.

A groomer needs to be ready to face dogs of different temperaments.

It’s crucial to calm a dog before the grooming process.

That’s almost half of your work done!

Not every dog is calm and gentle.

Some can be quite problematic, but that’s nothing you can’t handle.

Remember that the dog grooming program is there to prepare you for everything that’s about to come.

Salary: How Much Does a Groomer Earn in Colorado?

A groomer’s average annual salary in Colorado varies from $21k to $37k.

The wage is always bigger in cities where a groomer can find more job opportunities.

In the end, it all depends on the place you’re working at.

If you’re lucky enough to work at an exclusive grooming parlor, your check at the end of the month will be described as “big” and “fat”.

For more information about annual income in 14 Colorado cities check out our list!

LocationAvg. Annual Salary
Castle Rock,CO$33,177
Colorado Springs,CO$33,227
Fort Collins,CO$32,289
Grand Junction,CO$32,464


Dog grooming is a job that will be around for a while.

That’s why those adorable creatures need good helpers.

Once you tend your first grooming customer you’ll see how satisfying this career is.

You will work hard, but you’ll do what you love for a good money.

Is there anything better than that?

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