How to Become a Dog Groomer in California

Hey, you, are you looking for a fun way to earn good money?

Well, did you know that groomers in California have this perk?

That’s right, dog grooming in one of the coolest US states is a terrific career option.

You get to have fun at work and make some serious cash.

I’m sure this could sound far-fetched.

Finding a job that has these things covered, and is flexible, is a tough task.

You know what’s not tough?

Finishing a dog grooming program in California and climbing your way up to success while making dogs look pretty and feel healthy.

If you want to know how to achieve that, this is the right place for you!

Grooming Duties: What Does a Groomer Do?

A dog groomer is someone who can turn human’s best friend from a neglected hound to a fabulous pooch.

Yes, you can call them miracle workers.

All jokes aside, a good groomer can make a significant difference in your dog’s appearance.

Always remember that a well-groomed dog is a healthy dog.

Your job duty as a groomer is to take a good care of your customers.

You’ll achieve that by doing the following steps:

  • bathing the dog,
  • drying,
  • trimming coat,
  • detangling mats,
  • cleaning ears,
  • trimming nails and
  • styling the coat.

Californian groomers know how to handle different dog breeds.

Long-haired and short-haired dogs need different approaches while bathing or trimming coat.

You’ll learn this and much more throughout the grooming program.

Sometimes, the owner will ask you to bath their dog and use a shampoo or a flea treatment.

Yes, you’re in charge of making those nasty pests go away.

This grooming course will teach you some more detailed techniques like hand striping.

This is a process of removing rougher coats with extra care, so the dogs don’t feel any pain or discomfort.

From nail clipping to stylish cuts, you’ll be prepared to face any demands a dog owner could have.

The grooming program in California is quite comprehensive.

Finishing it successfully allows you to work as a groomer without any obstacles.

How to Become a Dog Groomer in California?

Lucky you, there are no special requirements prior to enrolling in a grooming school.

It’s not a must to have a high school or GED certificate, but it would be better for you.

That means there are no restrictions if you want to join a grooming program in your teen years.

It’s never too early to pick your calling in life.

Your duties at a grooming school will consist of written assignments and skill assessments.

Another thing that’s expected and implied is your code of conduct and professionalism.

If you’re not going to devote yourself to this course and pay attention to your classes, you’re better off following a different career path.

California wants serious grooming candidates.

Popular Programs

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Licensing and Certification

Luckily, you aren’t obliged to get a grooming license in California.

There is no agency that controls your certificates.

You’re free as a dog in a park chasing squirrels!

No, seriously, you can start working as a groomer right after you graduate from grooming school.

Those are some amazing news!

Education: Opportunities Beyond Grooming Program

Those who don’t care enough about their newly discovered grooming knowledge will end up losing it.

That’s why it’s important to further your skills.

A good groomer always follows trends and tends to keep those techniques sharp like the clippers he/she uses.

After you finish a dog grooming program in California, you might want to find some societies where you can expand your knowledge and meet other groomers.

Here are some Californian and US associations that will help you with that: 

There are plenty of dog grooming facilities in California, and the California Dog Grooming Directory has a voluminous list of them all.

Only the best grooming stores can be found on this list.

If you’re searching for a new job opportunity in the field of grooming, then you must check California Dog Groomer Ads.

There is no better place with more grooming jobs listed in California.

As for the  American Kennel Club and the National Dog Groomers Association of America, they both offer an abundant source of information.

The AKC is a place where you can register dogs and find all there is to know about taking care of their health.

The NDGAA is like a fraternity for dog groomers offering all sorts of valuable information about your career.

The bonus is that The NDGAA holds workshops all over the States.

Make sure you apply on time!

Salary: How Much Can a Groomer in California Earn?

California is a state that has some exclusive areas.

That’s why the average annual salary varies from place to place.

Dog groomers in California usually earn around $29k per year, but some high-end places offer a yearly salary of $40k.

According to, groomers in Daly City and San Francisco have the highest income of $41,950.

The groomers in Fresno have the lowest wage of $33,360.

Are they earning enough for their effort?

Take a look at the salary table of 79 Californian cities and see for yourself.

LocationAvg. Annual Salary
Apple Valley,CA$35,319
Chula Vista,CA$35,797
Costa Mesa,CA$37,123
Daly City,CA$41,950
El Cajon,CA$35,690
El Monte,CA$37,615
Elk Grove,CA$36,204
Garden Grove,CA$37,206
Huntington Beach,CA$37,123
Long Beach,CA$37,123
Los Angeles,CA$37,655
Moreno Valley,CA$35,599
Rancho Cucamonga,CA$35,448
San Bernardino,CA$35,469
San Diego,CA$35,797
San Francisco,CA$41,950
San Jose,CA$40,619
Santa Ana,CA$37,156
Santa Barbara,CA$35,982
Santa Clara,CA$40,619
Santa Clarita,CA$37,121
Santa Cruz,CA$37,056
Santa Maria,CA$35,334
Santa Rosa,CA$36,357
Simi Valley,CA$36,511
Thousand Oaks,CA$36,236
West Covina,CA$37,126

Final Words

Among fifty US states, California offers some of the best opportunities to pursue a grooming career.

Once you decide to be a dog groomer there’s nothing much left for you to do.

All you have to do is study hard and attend your classes.

That doesn’t sound difficult, does it?

Either way, those of you who pick out this career need to be prepared to dedicate themselves to this lifestyle.

Dog grooming is way much more than bathing dogs and styling their hair.

It’s about taking good care of dog’s health.

They are not just your customers with paws.

Dogs are the foundation of your life choice.

Show them respect, and they’ll show love in return.

With all this said, I’m asking you: 

  • Are you ready to be a dog groomer?
  • Will you honor this life calling the best way you can?

I know only a true dog lover will give a positive answer.

Good luck, future groomers!



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