How to Become a Dog Groomer in Rhode Island

Job Description and Duties of Dog Groomers

When you think about dog groomers’ job, it is not so difficult to describe his/her duties.

A dog groomer is actually a person required to perform the role which does not entail a high qualification level, but still requires some kind of knowledge and skills.

Even though many people think that empathy and communication skills are enough qualifications for a dog groomer profession, which is not the case.

So, we are here to offer you all the necessary details about dog groomers’ education requirements, job prospects, and salary, so as to enable you to make a wise decision.

If you have decided to try your luck with the vocation of a dog groomer, the appropriate education will prepare you for a successful job.

You will have to be able to deal with a variety of animals as Rhode Island Pet Groomer Career does not only involve dogs.

The need for skilled dog groomers is in constant increase these days, so we assure you that now is the right time to start your education towards a career of a dog groomer in Rhode Island.

We suggest this due to the fact that this is definitely the occupation that is filled with possibilities as it can lead to employment in all types of establishments, such as pet shops, kennels, upscale resorts, animal shelters, and more.

Not only there are numerous employment choices for dog groomers in Rhode Island, but there are also various educational institutions for these professionals.

So, upon finishing courses, you can expect to get a lifelong career that is filled with style, excitement, and very competitive pay.

What is even better, you can become the owner of your premises and work on an individual basis.

If you think that a professional dog groomer does not have a wide array of skills and responsibilities, you are totally wrong.

One of the most highly-requested services is the cutting and clipping and groomers must learn how exactly to cut, clip and trim various breeds of dogs.

They need to know how to perform this on dogs with longer hair and using a clipper blade on shorter-haired dogs.

Hand-stripping is another popular technique that allows a groomer to remove thicker coats of hair from dogs.

Another part of a dog groomer’s responsibilities are bathing and drying, not only for cosmetic purposes but for hygienic purposes as well.

Furthermore, nail clipping is one more service frequently requested by dog owners.

Finally, their job is more difficult due to the fact that all the time they need to make use of different techniques so as to control a dog’s temperament.

And calming a dog is essential through the entire grooming process.

Requirements to Become Dog Groomer in Rhode Island

When it comes to education, some aspiring dog groomers would be pleased to find out that there is no rule that requires any kind of GED equivalency or high school diploma in order to become a professional dog groomer in Rhode Island.

However, it is our suggestion that besides a desire to pursue this career, you will need to possess some kind of knowledge and skills related to this field.

So, you can attend educational institutions that provide classes and where you will be given written assignments along with skill assessments so as to make sure that you will become a professional dog groomer in Rhode Island who will know what his/her job is.

Training also requires students to adhere to professional standards in terms of conduct and to carry themselves appropriately.

Salary and Job Prospects in Rhode Island

Upon getting certified or finishing your training, your job prospects will be bright.

The employment of dog groomers will continue to grow, due to the increasing number of pet lovers.

The care for animals, which is greater these days, will lead to the rise in the number of animal clinics and salons, thus affecting the necessity for the larger number of pet groomers who will need to take care of them.

This means that if you are a dog groomer who is in search of a job, you should not worry, having in mind the fact that there are numerous employers who are looking for qualified groomers eager to start working in the desired field.

Social factors, like the development of the city where the salon is located and the annual income of the citizens, as well as the number of animals, affect the annual salary of dog groomers.

The personal qualities, like the experience and number of animals that you take care of during your shift, will also have an impact on the salary, and novice groomers cannot earn equal amounts as the already experienced ones.

The average annual salary for dog groomers in Rhode Island falls between $32,599 and $41,899 per year.

However, in some more developed locations, an experienced and well established Rhode Island dog groomer can expect to earn around.

It should be noted that Rhode Island is one of the better paying states for a professional dog groomer.

The table below shows the average annual salary of a dog groomer in Rhode Island, based on the city where he/she works:

LocationAvg. Annual Salary
East Providence$36,694
North Providence$36,694
West Warwick$36,694

Continuing Education and Professional Resources

Upon becoming a certified dog groomer, you should proceed with advancing in this career by attending additional educational seminars and training.

Some of the organizations which offer support to both aspiring and already established dog groomers are numerous throughput Rhode Island.

  • American Kennel Club (AKC) is the organization that was founded in 1884 and since then it has been providing owners with a way of registering their dogs while also providing a wealth of useful information for the canine world.
  • Rhode Island Dog Groomers website contains all the accredited Rhode Island Dog Groomers.
  • Rhode Island Mobile Dog Groomers website provides a collection of dog groomers that will come directly to the homes of dog owners which is very convenient and appreciated by owners.
  • National Dog Groomers Association of America –  an organization that gathers all Dog groomers from all over the country. They have joined the NDGAA to help further their careers, as it provides resources which Rhode Island dog groomers can use to advance their knowledge as well as their careers.

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