How to Become a Dog Groomer in Wisconsin

Being successful in dealing with animals and people already makes you a good candidate for the obligations required by the dog groomer job.

And if above all these you love animals and are interested in their welfare and beauty, then you definitely should pursue this career.

The animal-related facility team consists of people who are as passionate about pets as you are and they work with animal owners who want to make their animals feel good and happy.

There are numerous noteworthy daily activities of a dog groomer which are far more serious than just communicating with clients, so we decided to write this short guide which includes everything an aspiring dog groomer has to know.

Job Description and Duties of Dog Groomers

The very frequently asked question is: What Will the Job Involve once I gain the education of a dog groomer?

We need to mention that responsibilities are numerous, as they are not only related to pets beauty and appearance, but also to its health.

The most typical duty is trimming the animal’s claws and fur.

However, that is not a simple trimming, as dog groomers need to trim fur in a manner that boosts the pet’s appearance.

Also, the groomer is responsible for giving the pet a cut that gets the fur out of his or her eyes or keeps the pet cooler, so paying attention to the specific breed and knowing the differences among them is crucial.

The groomer treats pets for fleas, ticks, and other skin and fur conditions, and at the same time, either recommend products for certain skin conditions if they are not too serious, and they also educate the owner on grooming practice or suggest visiting the veterinarian.

According to all the above-mentioned duties, we can say that the role of a dog groomer is quite serious in the life of pets and they are an integral part of any animal-related facility.

Requirements to Become Dog Groomer in Wisconsin

If you love pets and are considering working with them, becoming a dog groomer in Wisconsin may be the perfect fit for you, and getting a certificate is the first thing that you need to think about.

Becoming an employed dog groomer depends on your qualities, skills, and education so students decide to enter either schools or on the spot training to get familiar with duties and responsibilities that await them.

Internships should be used to make contacts and leave a good first impression on the employer, who might decide to hire you if he/she is satisfied with your work.

The successful finishing of education leads to better chances of finding a satisfying job and gaining even further education can help during the selection process once you apply for it.

Wisconsin belongs to the majority of states that do not require individuals to receive formal training in a classroom setting so as to become dog groomers.

Nevertheless, it is highly suggested that the person receives at least on-the-job training to learn how to take care of a pet’s fur and nails, as that is not something that can be taught without actually getting involved.

It usually lasts a few weeks and makes the person is able to perform any type of treatment on an animal without supervision.

If you prefer formal education rater than the training, there are six official schools in the state of Wisconsin, which is considered excellent.

Future students have the option to choose among various training programs as they may vary greatly.

When the duration of the program is in question, they typically last from a few weeks to several months, depending on the intensity of the curriculum.

During the courses, aspiring dog groomers will learn all the techniques to trim and shape a pet’s fur based on an animal’s body type and the request of the owner.

At the grooming school, they will also learn to cut nails, as well as how to calm an animal, flea, and tick removal and prevention and skills related to how to teach the owner to care for his or her pet’s coat.

It is always worth getting a certificate and two national organizations for groomer certification include the National Groomers Association and the National Master Certified Groomers association.

Salary and Job Prospects in Wisconsin

When it comes to salary, the dog groomer salary is not so high compared to some other similar occupations, but it is still a decent one.

The significant rise in new working positions leads to the situation that some states struggle to find enough certified and skillful groomers able to start working without previously being trained by the animal facility staff.

The annual salary of a dog groomer distinguishes among the cities around Wisconsin as the amount of money earned depends on numerous factors.

It can range from $ 31171 in La Crosse up to $ 34292 in Milwaukee per year.

The level of education and experience, number of working hours, and work setting also make difference among dog groomer’s salaries as those less experienced cannot have the same salary as those with years of work experience.

It is worth noting that a licensed person may enhance his or her salary even more by becoming self-employed and opening his/her own salon.

That way they will obtain an income much higher than the average groomer’s salary.

The table below shows the salary of a dog groomer in the state of Wisconsin annually:

LocationAvg. Annual Salary
Green Bay$33,239
Eau Claire$32,070
La Crosse$31,171

Continuing Education and Professional Resources

Now that you have done with the training or education, you would need to find a satisfying job and we are here to offer you the resources for possible employment.

We would like to suggest that entry-level groomers should try their luck by applying for jobs in pet shops and pet spas, as those are the best places to start.

After grooming for several years and achieving all the necessary skills, the person may decide to work as an instructor in a grooming school.

You can always check out the Wisconsin Humane Society Milwaukee, the Dodge County Humane Society, or the Dane County Humane Society which offer numerous job opportunities, and both inexperienced and well-established dog groomers find their information beneficial.

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