How to Become a Dog Groomer in West Virginia

The finishing of high school is the period when young people cannot decide what to choose to continue their education.

If you do not know what to study but you are fond of animals, dedicated and patient, have great physical stamina, and eager to provide the help and support to animals, then the pet groomer vocation might be ideal for you.

People who are interested in animal welfare and beauty are constantly trying to raise public awareness of their importance in our society, as pet owners cannot do these activities themselves.

The care and appearance of animals turned into occupation even more difficult and demanding due to the increasing number of pets.

The people who work with animals need to be patient and ready to listen and understand the needs of a pet owner.

Job Description and Duties of Dog Groomers

So, if you believe that you meet these requirements and that you are ready to devote your life to these wonderful creatures, then West Virginia Dog Groomer career is a perfect vocation for you/

This is definitely a rewarding career with excellent job outlook, meaning that becoming a Dog Groomer in West Virginia at this moment is considered a wise decision.

We assure you hat with the ever-growing amount of home pets and animals, this career shows a stable future.

Making a decision can be a daunting task, so we decided to make it easier for you by finding out all the information related to the job description, employment, salary, and everything that is to be expected for those looking to become a Dog Groomer in West Virginia.

Among so many duties that a dog groomer has to do daily, there are some responsibilities of a groomer which everyone knows, such as shampooing, trimming fur and claws, and cleaning out the pet’s ears.

However, those who find a job in pet spas have to make the pet feel relaxed and calm.

This is not all, as dog groomers are the first to detect and report skin and coat problems.

They need to have some medical knowledge to notice the changes in animal skin and suggest pet owners what further steps to take.

Usually, they advise visiting the veterinarian, or if the issue is not that serious, they suggest what kind of treatment to have.

Requirements to Become Dog Groomer in West Virginia

There are certain West Virginia Requirements that prospective dog groomers have to know.

In order to become a groomer in West Virginia, a person must possess a high school diploma or the equivalent of one, which is not the case in some other states.

Further specialized education is not necessary and obligatory, but it can affect employment opportunities and salary potential.

That is why the majority of aspiring groomers opt to attend either a school or some kind of a training program in the area.

At the dog grooming schools,  the courses take anywhere between two to 18 weeks, during which the students will learn proper techniques to trim and shape both short-haired and long-haired dogs.

Depending on the curriculum, the pupil may learn the specifics of each breed in order to recommend and use cosmetic products that take care of the special needs of each breed.

Besides learning how to cut nails safely and effectively, pupils will learn how to clean the pet’s ears and how to treat and respect animals as the relation towards the animal affects the pet and owner’s experience tremendously, thus affecting the popularity of your salon or facility.

If you cannot afford to go to school, you can attend on-the-job training where you will learn from an experienced dog groomer.

You will learn very similar skills, but the amount of information on pet breeds is not taught and just acquired from working in the field.

There are even schools that will teach students how to perform CPR in the event something unfortunate happens to the pet while at the groomers.

Unfortunately, there is only one school in West Virginia that educates groomers on pet psychology.

Groomers in WV may acquire certification through the National Dog Grooming Association of America.

Salary and Job Prospects in West Virginia

As we have already mentioned, job prospects for dog groomers all over the USA as well as in West Virginia are numerous and the appropriate candidate who fulfills all the requirements is usually determined by the employers.

However, it is normal that those with certificates will have priority over those unlicensed ones, as employers can benefit from their skills and knowledge.

As you have become a licensed dog groomer, your chances of getting a satisfying job are better.

The benefits regarding personal satisfaction of dog groomers are huge, but the salary in West Virginia is rather modest.

The job growth is expected to be influenced by the rise in animal health care centers, thus increasing the demand for dog groomers.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the field of grooming, and animal care in general, is projected to increase by 11 percent.

So, there is the chance that the average annual salary of a dog groomer may change.

It varies among the major cities and the less paid are dog groomers in Clarksburg with $30491annual salary, while the highest wages are in Martinsburg as they are estimated to be $38173.

You need to have in mind that many factors affect the salary of a dog groomer, being that those who open up their own shops, who work out of their homes or go to the pet owner’s homes have the potential to make much more.

The table below shows the average annual salary of a dog groomer in West Virginia, based on the city where he/she works:

LocationAvg. Annual Salary

Professional Resources

It is worth noting that finding employment after you finish your training will not be a difficult task, being that there are so many facilities in which educated and skilled dog groomers can work.

Groomers may find employment in pet spas, vets’ offices, shelters, kennels, pet hotels, and grooming shops.

Our suggestion is to take a look at humane society websites where you can find various options for employment such as the Taylor County Humane SocietyMon County Humane Society, and the Berkeley County Humane Society.

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