How to Become a Dog Groomer in Maryland

So, you’ve decided to become a dog groomer?


Let me tell you why that’s the best decision of your life.

Don’t get scared by the formal schooling you have to take.

Once you’re a professional groomer, you have the power of transformation in your hands.

Neglected dogs will shine again, and pretty pooches will get even prettier.

Lay back and follow carefully while I explain to you all the tricks of becoming a dog groomer in Maryland.

What Does a Dog Groomer Do?

The most common answer to this question says that dog groomers are responsible for keeping a dog clean and good-looking.

Let me just add something to this statement to make it completely true.

Dog groomers also keep a dog’s health status on a good level.

If you have a healthy dog whose looks are somewhat questionable, chances are that dog’s health could become compromised in the future.

It’s important for every dog groomer to understand the unbreakable link between health and tidy looks.

Therefore, don’t be surprised when you learn that a groomer checks the dog for ticks, mites, skin and coat issues before the entire grooming process.

Only when you’re sure the dog is fine, grooming can start.

Standard baths and flea baths are essential processes, as well as brushing and trimming the hair.

Some dog owners will demand a special cut from you.

You will be ready to complete their wishes successfully because special grooming techniques are a part of every grooming course.

Clipping nails as well as coloring them are normal demands in this state.

Some of you might find it silly, but as long as it doesn’t hurt the dog, it’s completely okay.

Make sure you please your customer’s demands and they will be coming back to you.

In no time, you’ll get from a beginner to a favorite groomer!


A future grooming student in Maryland has no education requirements prior to enrolling in a grooming program.

That’s wonderful news!

People of all ages and backgrounds are welcome to apply and try their luck in this business.

However, that doesn’t mean owning a high school diploma or a GED certificate won’t benefit you.

Many employers prefer having educated staff.

No one ever saw harm in schooling, but it’s still good to know there aren’t any conditions that could stop you from getting that grooming degree.

Education: Dog Grooming Programs in Maryland

There are several ways you can take to become a professional Maryland groomer.

One of the most popular choices is getting a formal education in a grooming school.

A grooming school graduate earns a certificate which allows the work in the industry.

Another very popular schooling option is working with an experienced groomer.

Through this apprenticeship, the students acquire all the knowledge needed to work on its own one day.

To become the best of the best, knowledge from the textbooks is combined with practical skills learned on-site.

A lot of hard work and practice will lead you to the top of the grooming society.

Popular Programs

Find a Program

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Veterinary AssistantVeterinary TechnicianDog ObediencePet GroomingSponsored Online Programs.

Licensing in Maryland

The state of Maryland can’t wait for you to finish dog grooming school!

You can start working as soon as you graduate, under the condition you have a job.

No messing with multiple licenses and documents!

Nothing’s standing between you and the dogs who need help.

Of course, if you’re planning to open a private business, you will need some sort out some formal documents.

Those are just some inevitable papers a groomer must own before running a personal grooming parlor.

Job Opportunities in Maryland

Maryland’s a state that’s very into dog grooming.

There are a lot of traditional grooming places that offer work options.

Maryland groomers should consider working at:

  • vet clinics
  • pet stores
  • pet clinics
  • grooming salons

However, mobile grooming is far more popular.

This option allows you to do the job you’re loving so much, meet new people and see new locations.

It doesn’t matter which position you choose to work at.

What it matters is seeing those tails wagging after a successful grooming treatment.

Don’t feel bad if you’re not capable of working with difficult cases like rescue dogs.

There are still dog groomers who have the nerve to help those poor pups.

No one will ever judge your decision if you keep on the good work and keep your eyes on the main goal, aka well-groomed pups!

Helpful Grooming Resources in Maryland

The supporters of mobile grooming will find this website of a great use: 

Here you have a list of groomers near you and from other areas.

Feel free to reach out and find a job at one of the listed places.

If you visit, you’ll see how supportive this organization is.

The site helps animal shelters and similar associations to prevent animal cruelty and spread the importance go proper pet care.

If these still aren’t enough for your growing appetite towards grooming, try visiting: 

Potential Income

The annual grooming salary in Maryland varies from $29,020 and $44,341, with $35,530 being the average wage.

How much you earn depends a lot on your skills, education, and the area you’re specialized in.

Groomers with unique skills will earn more for their effort.

There are no worries for a good groomer!

This career is a terrific option of income as a first or even a second job.

LocationAvg. Annual Salary
Abell, MD$37,350
Aberdeen, MD$34,178
Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD$34,410
Abingdon, MD$34,106
Accident, MD$30,951
Accokeek, MD$37,451
Adamstown, MD$36,639
Allen, MD$35,949
Andrews Air Force Base, MD$37,508
Annapolis, MD$35,730
Annapolis Junction, MD$34,619
Aquasco, MD$37,350
Arnold, MD$34,574
Ashton, MD$37,429
Avenude, MD$37,350
Baldwin, MD$34,608
Baltimore, MD$34,675
Barclay, MD$35,025
Barnesville, MD$36,592
Barstow, MD$37,350
Barton, MD$30,951
Bealsville, MD$36,762
Bel Air, MD$33,851
Bel Alton, MD$37,350
Belcamp, MD$34,197
Beltsville, MD$37,508
Benedict, MD$37,350
Benson, MD$34,183
Berlin, MD$36,092
Bethesda, MD$37,519
Bethlehem, MD$34,506
Betteron, MD$34,817
Big Pool, MD$31,262
Bishopville, MD$36,092
Bittinger, MD$30,951
Bivalve, MD$35,928
Bladensburg, MD$37,519
Bloomington, MD$30,951
Boonsboro, MD$35,928
Boring, MD$33,712
Bowie, MD$37,440
Boyds, MD$36,460
Bozman, MD$35,833
Braddock Heights, MD$36,718
Brandywine, MD$37,429
Brentwood, MD$37,519
Brinklow, MD$37,406
Brookeville, MD$37,417
Brooklandville, MD$34,675
Brookly, MD$34,675
Broomes Island, MD$37,350
Brownsville, MD$37,350
Brunswick, MD$37,350
Bryans Road, MD$37,417
Bryantown, MD$37,350
Buckeystown, MD$36,497
Burkittsville, MD$37,350
Burtonsville, MD$37,451
Bushwood, MD$37,350
Butler, MD$34,585
Cabin John, MD$37,519
California, MD$37,350
Callaway, MD$37,350
Cambridge, MD$35,928
Capitol Hheights, MD$37,519
Cascade, MD$32,695
Catonsville, MD$34,675
Cavetown, MD$32,695
Cecilton, MD$35,454
Centreville, MD$34,506
Chaptico, MD$37,350
Charlestown, MD$34,641
Charlotte Hall, MD$37,350
Chase, MD$34,630
Cheltenham, MD$37,440
Chesapeake Beach, MD$36,584
Chesapeake City, MD$35,923
Chester, MD$35,389
Cestertown, MD$34,731
Chevy Chase, MD$37,519
Chewsville, MD$34,228
Childs, MD$35,964
Church Creek, MD$35,928
Church Hill, MD$34,731
Churchton, MD$36,213
Churchville, MD$33,948
Claiborne, MD$35,670
Clarksburg, MD$30,302
Clarksville, MD$34,574
Clear Springs, MD$33,041
Clements, MD$37,350
Clinton, MD$37,485
Cobb Island, MD$37,350
Cockeysville, MD$34,653
College Park, MD$37,519
Colora, MD$34,043
Coltons Point, MD$37,350
Columbia, MD$34,619
Compton, MD$37,350
Conowingo, MD$33,816
Cooksville, MD$35,555
Cordova, MD$34,506
Corriganville, MD$30,951
Crapo, MD$37,350
Crisfield, MD$31,729
Crocheron, MD$37,350
Crofton, MD$35,979
Crownsville, MD$34,563
Crumpton, MD$35,120
Cumberland, MD$30,951
Curtis Bay, MD$34,675
Damascus, MD$36,102
Dameron, MD$37,350
Darlington, MD$33,887
Davidsonville, MD$36,026
Dayton, MD$34,563
Deal Island, MD$34,373
Deale, MD$36,197
Delmar, MD$35,249
Denton, MD$34,506
Derwood, MD$37,440
Dhs, MD$37,462
Dickerson, MD$36,694
District Heights, MD$37,519
Dowel, MD$37,350
Drayden, MD$37,350
Dundalk, MD$34,675
Dunkirk, MD$36,568
Earleville, MD$35,081
East New Market, MD$35,928
Easton, MD$34,506
Eckhart Mines, MD$30,951
Eden, MD$35,949
Edgewater, MD$35,960
Edgewood, MD$34,574
Elk Mills, MD$35,964
Elkridge, MD$34,675
Elkton, MD$35,964
Ellerslie, MD$30,951
Ellicott City, MD$34,653
Emmitsburg, MD$32,929
Essex, MD$34,675
Ewell, MD$31,397
Fairplay, MD$34,851
Fallston, MD$34,585
Faulkner, MD$37,350
Federalsburg, MD$35,249
Finksburg, MD$34,563
Fishing Creek, MD$37,350
Flintstone, MD$30,951
Forest Hill, MD$33,663
Fork, MD$34,619
Fort George G Meade, MD$64,597
Fort Howard, MD$34,664
Fort Washington, MD$37,496
Frederick, MD$36,213
Freeland, MD$32,776
Friendship, MD$35,999
Friendsville, MD$30,951
Frostburg, MD$30,951
Fruitland, MD$35,949
Fulton, MD$35,996
Funkstown, MD$34,851
Gaithersburg, MD$37,417
Galena, MD$35,451
Galesville, MD$36,102
Gambrills, MD$34,597
Garret Park, MD$37,519
Georgetown, MD$35,412
Germantown, MD$36,425
Gibson Island, MD$34,574
Girdletree, MD$32,751
Glen Arm, MD$34,664
Glen Burnie, MD$34,675
Glen Echo, MD$37,519
Glenelg, MD$35,847
Glenn Dale, MD$37,474
Glenwood, MD$35,837
Glyndon, MD$34,608
Goldsboro, MD$37,506
Grantsville, MD$30,951
Grasonville, MD$35,048
Great Mills, MD$37,350
Greenbelt, MD$37,508
Greensboro, MD$34,506
Gunpowder, MD$34,619
Gwyn Oak, MD$34,675
Hagerstown, MD$34,228
Halethorpe, MD$34,675
Hampstead, MD$33,438
Hancock, MD$31,262
Hanover, MD$34,664
Harmans, MD$34,664
Harwood, MD$36,120
Havre De Grace, MD$34,333
Hebron, MD$35,949
Helen, MD$37,350
Henderson,, MD$35,343
Highland, MD$35,990
Hillsboro, MD$34,506
Hollywood, MD$37,350
Hugesville, MD$37,350
Hunt Valley, MD$34,630
Huntingtown, MD$36,962
Hurlock, MD$35,928
Hyattsville, MD$37,519
Hydes, MD$34,619
Ijamsville, MD$36,173
Indian Head, MD$37,384
Ingleside, MD$34,892
Ironsides, MD$37,350
Issue, MD$37,350
Jarrettsville, MD$33,506
Jefferson, MD$37,066
Jessup, MD$34,630
Joppa, MD$34,597
Keedysville, MD$37,350
Kennedyville, MD$35,085
Kensington, MD$37,519
Keymar, MD$33,685
Kingsville, MD$34,619
Kitzmiller, MD$30,951
Knoxville, MD$37,350
La Plata, MD$37,350
Ladiesburg, MD$34,107
Lanham, MD$37,508
Laurel, MD$37,440
Leonardtown, MD$37,350
Lexington Park, MD$37,350
Libertytown, MD$34,854
Lineboro, MD$32,790
Linkwood, MD$35,928
Linthicum Heights, MD$34,675
Lisbon, MD$35,578
Little Orleans, MD$30,951
Lonaconing, MD$30,951
Long Green, MD$34,641
Lothian, MD$36,337
Loveville, MD$37,350
Luke, MD$30,951
Lusby, MD$37,350
Lutherville Timonium, MD$34,675
Madison, MD$37,350
Manchester, MD$33,312
Manokin, MD$33,603
Marbury, MD$37,350
Mardela Spings, MD$35,949
Marion Station, MD$31,729
Marriottsville, MD$34,619
Marydel, MD$35,659
Maryland Line, MD$32,776
Massey, MD$35,568
Maugansville, MD$32,666
Mayo, MD$35,928
Mc Henry, MD$30,951
Mcdaniel, MD$35,670
Mechanicsville, MD$37,350
Middle River, MD$34,675
Middleton, MD$37,350
Midland, MD$30,951
Midlothian, MD$30,951
Millersville, MD$34,597
Millington, MD$35,409
Monkton, MD$34,574
Monrovia, MD$35,971
Montgomery Village, MD$36,289
Morganza, MD$37,350
Mount Airy, MD$35,553
Mount Rainier, MD$37,519
Mount Savage, MD$30,951
Mount Victoria, MD$37,350
Myersville, MD$34,851
Nanjemoy, MD$37,350
Nanticoke, MD$35,928
Neavitt, MD$36,038
New Marker, MD$35,928
New Midway, MD$34,209
New Windsor, MD$34,174
Newark, MD$36,092
Newburg, MD$37,350
Newcomb, MD$35,454
North Beach, MD$36,436
North East, MD$34,769
Nottingham, MD$34,675
Oakland, MD$30,951
Ocean City, MD$36,092
Odenton, MD$34,597
Oldtown, MD$30,951
Olney, MD$37,440
Owings, MD$36,616
Owings Mills, MD$34,653
Oxford, MD$35,928
Oxon Hill, MD$37,519
Park Hall, MD$37,350
Parkton, MD$33,328
Parkville, MD$34,675
Parsonsburg, MD$35,563
Pasadena, MD$34,641
Patuxent River, MD$37,350
Perry Hall, MD$34,675
Perry Point, MD$34,687
Perryman, MD$34,263
Perryville, MD$34,352
Phoenix, MD$34,630
Pikesville, MD$34,675
Piney Point, MD$35,481
Pinto, MD$30,951
Pittsville, MD$36,092
Pocomoke City, MD$31,672
Point Of Rocks, MD$37,147
Pomfret, MD$37,373
Poolesville, MD$36,781
Port Deposit, MD$34,153
Port Republic, MD$37,350
Port Tobacco, MD$37,350
Potomac, MD$37,496
Powellville, MD$36,092
Preston, MD$34,506
Price, MD$34,665
Prince Frederick, MD$37,350
Princess Anne, MD$34,261
Pylesville, MD$33,452
Quantico, MD$35,928
Queen Anne, MD$34,506
Queenstown, MD$34,806
Randallstown, MD$34,664
Rawlings, MD$30,951
Rehobeth, MD$31,672
Reisterstown, MD$34,619
Rhodesdale, MD$35,928
Riderwood, MD$34,675
Ridge, MD$35,481
Ridgely, MD$34,506
Rising Sun, MD$34,016
Riva, MD$35,928
Riverdale, MD$37,519
Rock Hall, MD$34,893
Rock Point, MD$37,350
Rockville, MD$37,474
Rocky Ridge, MD$33,374
Rohersville, MD$37,350
Rosedale, MD$34,675
Royal Oak, MD$35,319
Sabillasville, MD$32,689
Saint Inigoes, MD$37,350
Saint James, MD$34,851
Saint Leonard, MD$37,350
Saint Marys City, MD$37,350
Saint Michaels, MD$35,522
Salisbury, MD$35,949
Sandy Spring, MD$37,440
Savage, MD$34,608
Scotland, MD$34,120
Secretary, MD$35,928
Severn, MD$34,653
Severna Park, MD$34,619
Shady Side, MD$36,110
Sharpsburg, MD$37,350
Sharptown, MD$35,949
Sherwood, MD$36,086
Showell, MD$36,092
Silver Spring, MD$37,519
Simpsonville, MD$34,597
Smithsburg, MD$32,695
Snow Hill, MD$34,030
Solomons, MD$37,350
Southern Md Facility, MD$37,496
Sparks Glencoe, MD$34,597
Sparrows Point, MD$34,664
Spencerville, MD$37,451
Spring Gap, MD$30,951
Stevenson, MD$34,675
Stevensville, MD$35,368
Still Pond, MD$34,985
Stockton, MD$31,672
Street, MD$33,602
Suburb Maryland Fac, MD$37,485
Sudlersville, MD$35,189
Suitland, MD$37,519
Sunderland, MD$36,758
Swanton, MD$30,951
Sykesville, MD$34,563
Takoma Park, MD$37,519
Tall Timbers, MD$37,350
Taneytown, MD$33,308
Taylors Island, MD$37,350
Temple Hills, MD$37,519
Templeville, MD$35,605
Thurmont, MD$33,098
Tilghman, MD$36,334
Toddville, MD$37,350
Towson, MD$34,675
Tracys Landing, MD$36,323
Trappe, MD$35,928
Tuscarora, MD$37,015
Tyaskin, MD$35,928
Tylerton, MD$31,397
Union Bridge, MD$34,083
Unionville, MD$34,487
Upper Fairmount, MD$33,603
Upper Falls, MD$34,630
Upper Marlboro, MD$37,440
Upperco, MD$33,712
Valley Lee, MD$37,350
Vienna, MD$35,928
Waldorf, MD$37,417
Walkersville, MD$35,191
Warwick, MD$35,599
Washington Grove, MD$37,429
Welcome, MD$37,350
West Friendship, MD$34,585
West River, MD$36,141
Westernport, MD$30,951
Westminster, MD$33,863
Westover, MD$33,603
Whaleyville, MD$36,092
White Hall, MD$33,323
White Marsh, MD$34,675
White Plains, MD$37,384
Whiteford, MD$33,453
Willards, MD$36,092
Williamsport, MD$34,297
Windsor Mill, MD$34,675
Wingate, MD$37,350
Wittman, MD$35,786
Woodbine, MD$35,562
Woodsboro, MD$34,441
Woodstock, MD$34,630
Woolford, MD$37,350
Worton, MD$34,821
Wye Mills, MD$34,506

Final Words

Now you know how to become a groomer in the state of Maryland.

It’s a process worth going through.

In the end, you get a special job, a nice salary, and lots of love from your tail-wagging customers.

A dog lover can’t wish for more!

Going through any dog grooming program is a small price to pay when you take into consideration what you’re getting.

Who wouldn’t love a job where you can feel relaxed all the time?

Working with dogs isn’t just rewarding, it’s the best soul food!

What are you waiting for?

Find your grooming school and get the piece of the dog cake everyone’s craving!



USA How to Become a Dog/Pet Groomer by State