How to Become a Dog Groomer in Oregon

Job Description and Duties of Dog Groomers

Considering the fact that dog groomers have their own vital role in dealing with animals and their owners and you find yourself able to spend your days providing care assistance to animals, then the dog groomer vocation is perfect for you.

The dog groomers’ job is not too demanding, but some of the activities that they perform can be quite tiresome.

Their daily tasks and responsibilities in Oregon include bathing, trimming fur, cutting hair and nails, and many others.

They are responsible for keeping a dog looking and feeling its best, while at the same time, satisfying the demands of the pet’s owner.

Dog groomers’ first step when an animal is taken to the salon is to check whether everything is OK with the animal’s health.

That involves checking its ears, eyes, nails, skin, and fur for any potential irritants or diseases.

You can start doing your job only if you have determined that the animal is in good health.

The next step is cleaning and trimming the fur and nails and clearing out the ears.

Otherwise, you need to inform the owner about the issue and suggest a visit to the veterinarian or if it is a minor problem, give advice on a possible solution.

Oregon is a wet, coastal state which is known for the cold and rainy weather.

When taking care of a dog, you will want to ensure that the fur is long enough to keep the dog warm, but at the same time, not so long to get irritants that can be found in the dense vegetation of Oregon.

To sum up, dog groomers are of great help as they do their best to provide both medical and beauty care to animals.

The job of a dog groomer also has numerous difficulties that he/she has to face and deal

with daily, meaning that prevention and precaution are necessary so as not to be bitten or injured by animals.

Requirements to Become Dog Groomer in Oregon

Aspiring dog groomers who are eager to start a Dog Grooming Career in Oregon would like to learn how to become dog groomers in Oregon.

Prior to starting any kind of grooming education, there are certain things that you will need to think about.

First, you need to possess unlimited love towards animals and feel comfortable spending the entire day with them.

If you think that you are ready to devote your life to these beautiful creatures who need your help then this could be the perfect job for you.

You can either choose schooling, apprenticeship, or internships as your educational path towards this career.

The process to become a dog groomer can feel complicated, but we have to mention that it is relatively simple.

We have made this guide which contains all the necessary information related to the dog grooming profession.

Licensing & Certification

Completion of a certification examination is not required to become a dog groomer in Oregon.

However, with qualifications and the certificate, you can improve the chances of finding employment and at the same time increase your salary.

There are Oregon Dog Grooming Schools for those who want to attend formal education, but you need to keep in mind that you might have to go to more metropolitan areas to find a school.

There are only two major schools in the state, both along the coast.

Also, we need to mention that there are several aspects that you need to consider prior to enrolling in a dog grooming school these days.

Those are its learning schedule, the type of training it offers, or job availability.

When learning to be a dog groomer in Oregon, your training will cover fur trimming, dog breeds, nail trimming, ear cleaning, CPR, and emergency techniques.

Last, but not least, make sure that the pet grooming school will provide all the certification options that you will need in the future, as these certifications will surely turn out to be very beneficial to you.

Salary and Job Prospects in Oregon

Once you have successfully finished the courses and achieved certification, you are qualified to search for a satisfying job.

Oregon has to offer a lot of facilities where pet groomers can find work and the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimates that job opportunities for these professionals are expected to grow thus affecting their salary, as well.

When it comes to a salary, dog groomer’s salaries differentiate throughout the cities in the Oregon area.

The amount of money they will earn depends on numerous factors, such as work setting, experience, quality of work, and the number of daily duties, which all affect the average salary.

The lowest is in Medford estimated at $ 32462, while pay rates might rise up to $ 36216 in Beaverton and Portland.

Salaries in Oregon for dog grooming tend to depend on experience a lot.

For example, an entry-level dog groomer can expect to earn $20,000 to $30,000 which is pretty high for an entry-level career, but an experienced groomer’s pay can increase into the 50,000s especially if he/she is the owner of the facility.

The table below shows the salary of a dog groomer in the state of Oregon annually:

LocationAvg. Annual Salary

Continuing Education and Professional Resources

One of the organizations which offer certification to groomers is the International Professional Groomers.

This is an association created to educate, certify and accredit Professional Pet Groomers and Pet Caretakers.

There is not only the need for getting certified but maintaining the license as well.

That is why groomers and Pet Care workers, with an active membership, in good standing and who complete annual continuing education and follow the “IPG Code of Ethics,”  will be able to maintain their certifications and educational endorsements.

Some of the possible titles you can get are the following:

  • Certified Professional Groomer who will do a bath, dry, and trim on any breed
  • Certified Pet Professional (CPP) for Bathers, Salon owners, Pet Sitters, and Day-Care owners and staff.
  • Advanced Professional Groomer (APG) will use advanced grooming skills to demonstrate shape, style, and symmetry.
  • International Certified Master Groomer (ICMG)

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