How to Become a Dog Groomer in Illinois

The career of a dog groomer is the one where unique job description meets rewarding aspects.

The demand for a dog groomer is constantly present, and that fact won’t change in the near future.

Our dog friends need a proper grooming in order to maintain their good health status.

Grooming isn’t a luxury; it’s a need that can’t be ignored.

Illinois dog groomers are faced with a quick schooling program.

The end result is a vocation of a dog groomer and a chance to earn a pretty penny while doing something they love.

What Does a Dog Groomer Do?

Don’t be fooled by the fact dog grooming is something everyone could do.

It’s still a serious career with lots of responsibilities and tasks for groomers.

During your schooling, you’ll find out many grooming techniques including:

  • clipping
  • cutting
  • bathing
  • drying
  • styling etc.

These are basic and essential grooming methods, but you will face some more special ones.

Hand-stripping and hand-scissoring are one of them.

While performing hand-scissoring, a groomer removes some of the dog’s coat and gives it depth and layers.

Both methods are useful and painless ways to make a dog look fresh and healthy.

There are always unique styling methods which are used when a dog owner demands a more distinctive look for its tail-wagging friend.

Hygienic care is another important component of a groomer’s job description.

Before bathing and clipping, a dog groomer must make sure there aren’t any skin conditions or infections.

If you notice something wrong with any part of a dog’s body, your duty is to notify the owner.

This way you can prevent serious problems that may occur with a dog’s skin, coat, ear, eyes, and nails.

Speaking of nails, we can’t forget about clipping them!

Overgrown nails are painful, but can be prevented with regular trimming.

The mentioned processes may appear as too much for a beginner like you, but it’s nothing you can’t conquer after finishing a grooming school.

How to calm a dog, tend one, and make both the owner and the dog happy are just some things you’ll learn during the short grooming course.

Education: Dog Grooming Schools in Illinois

It doesn’t matter if you’re a young adult or a mature individual.

It doesn’t even matter if you got a high school diploma or a GED certificate!

People of all ages and backgrounds are welcome to enroll in any of the Illinois dog grooming schools.

Although, this doesn’t mean you can attend the course if you’re not serious about the job.

Every grooming school expects from you to behave according to their codex and express professionality.

Your another duty as a grooming student is to pass the written assignments as a part of a voluminous curriculum.

Have your eyes set on the goal and the success will follow.

Job Opportunities for Dog Groomers in Illinois

Finding a job and keeping it in these times is a skill.

When it comes to dog grooming, you won’t have that problem.

The state of Illinois offers plenty of job opportunities for future groomers.

The market in bigger cities like Chicago is quite diverse.

You can find a job working as a groomer in: 

  • dog kennels and animal shelters
  • pet stores
  • pet clinics
  • vet clinics
  • upscale resorts and
  • grooming shops

The equation is simple; big city + dog groomer = many job positions and a better paycheck.

It’s up to you to choose where you see yourself working in the future.

Many dog groomers find joy in working with sheltered dogs.

Others prefer to start their career in a personal business.

Either way, you’re good as long as you’re helping dogs and feeling great about yourself.

Groomer’s Duties

We can divide groomer’s duties into three categories: 

  • technical tasks
  • social tasks
  • actual grooming

Under technical tasks, we understand everything you need to do prior to tending a dog and after it.

That means you’re responsible for cleaning and prepping the workstation and your tools.

Social tasks are those where your communication skills come to shine.

You need to make a good connection with potential clients as well as the regular ones.

You make the appointments according to a schedule.

It’s better to have a good relationship with the people around you, so the job you’re doing doesn’t feel troubling to you.

As for the grooming part, do we really need to go through that again?

I believe at this spot it’s pretty clear what groomer’s duties are.

Potential Payment

Dog groomer’s salaries in Illinois depends on your education, level of experience, and the city you’re working in.

Big city groomers earn a bigger annual salary than their colleagues in smaller communities.

According to, the average annual wage varies between $26,758 and $40,884.

If you want to find a specific Illinois city and see how much groomers make there, feel free to check our salary table.

LocationAvg. Annual Salary
Abingdon, IL$31,880
Adair, IL$32,436
Addieville, IL$32,894
Addison, IL$35,757
Akin, IL$31,499
Albany, IL$31,110
Albers, IL$32,894
Albion, IL$30,868
Alden, IL$33,330
Aledo, IL$31,116
Alexander, IL$30,926
Alexis, IL$31,094
Algonquin, IL$34,414
Alhambra, IL$32,894
Allendale, IL$30,463
Allerton, IL$31,295
Alma, IL$31,611
Alpha, IL$31,118
Alsey, IL$30,886
Alsip, IL$35,811
Altamont, IL$30,844
Alto Pass, IL$32,894
Alton, IL$33,002
Altona, IL$31,296
Alvin, IL$31,439
Amboy, IL$33,619
Anchor, IL$31,439
Ancona, IL$32,436
Andalusia, IL$31,122
Andover, IL$31,002
Anna, IL$31,479
Annapolis, IL$30,566
Annawan, IL$31,085
Antioch, IL$33,160
Apple River, IL$33,246
Arcola, IL$31,405
Arenzville, IL$30,886
Argenta, IL$31,343
Arlington, IL$33,027
Arlington Heights, IL$34,954
Armington, IL$31,971
Armstrong, IL$31,452
Aroma Park, IL$33,345
Arrowsmith, IL$31,439
Arthur, IL$31,439
Ashkum, IL$32,392
Ashland, IL$30,967
Ashley, IL$32,894
Ashmore, IL$30,951
Ashton, IL$33,619
Assumption, IL$30,886
Astoria, IL$30,886
Athens, IL$31,061
Atkinson, IL$31,094
Atlanta, IL$31,780
Atwood, IL$31,439
Auburn, IL$30,994
Augusta, IL$31,661
Aurora, IL$35,554
Ava, IL$32,894
Aviston, IL$32,894
Avon, IL$32,436
Baileyville, IL$33,619
Baldwin, IL$32,436
Bardolph, IL$32,436
Barnhill, IL$31,499
Barrington, IL$34,736
Barry, IL$30,886
Barstow, IL$31,096
Bartelso, IL$32,894
Bartlett, IL$35,677
Basco, IL$31,329
Batavia, IL$35,677
Batchtown, IL$32,894
Bath, IL$31,375
Baylis, IL$30,886
Beardstown, IL$30,886
Beason, IL$31,403
Beaverville, IL$33,345
Beckemeyer, IL$32,894
Bedford Park, IL$35,865
Beecher, IL$34,081
Beecher City, IL$30,886
Belknap, IL$30,772
Belle Rive, IL$31,499
Belleville, IL$33,109
Bellflower, IL$31,493
Bellmont, IL$30,852
Bellwood, IL$35,852
Belvidere, IL$33,754
Bement, IL$31,479
Benld, IL$32,894
Bensenville, IL$35,798
Benson, IL$32,436
Benton, IL$31,499
Berkeley, IL$35,825
Berwick, IL$31,213
Berwyn, IL$35,879
Bethalto, IL$32,984
Bethany, IL$31,439
Big Rock, IL$34,854
Biggsville, IL$31,009
Bingham, IL$30,886
Bishop Hill, IL$31,214
Bismarck, IL$31,439
Blackstone, IL$32,436
Blandinsville, IL$31,440
Bloomingdale, IL$35,335
Bloomington, IL$32,173
Blue Island, IL$35,798
Blue Mound, IL$30,886
Bluff Springs, IL$30,886
Bluffs, IL$30,886
Bluford, IL$30,914
Boles, IL$30,772
Bolingbrook, IL$34,964
Bondville, IL$31,641
Bone Gap, IL$30,743
Bonfield, IL$33,345
Bonnie, IL$32,197
Boody, IL$30,915
Bourbonnais, IL$33,345
Bowen, IL$31,661
Braceville, IL$34,511
Bradford, IL$32,345
Bradley, IL$33,345
Braidwood, IL$34,511
Breese, IL$32,894
Bridgeport, IL$30,490
Bridgeview, IL$35,838
Brighton, IL$32,894
Brimfield, IL$32,530
Bristol, IL$35,677
Broadlands, IL$31,506
Broadview, IL$35,865
Brocton, IL$31,080
Brookfield, IL$35,865
Brookport, IL$30,044
Broughton, IL$31,499
Browning, IL$30,886
Browns, IL$30,877
Brownstown, IL$31,890
Brussels, IL$32,894
Bryant, IL$32,436
Buckingham, IL$33,345
Buckley, IL$31,439
Buckner, IL$32,197
Buda, IL$31,555
Buffalo, IL$31,034
Buffalo Grove, IL$34,728
Buffalo Prairie, IL$31,322
Bulpitt, IL$30,967
Buncombe, IL$30,772
Bunker Hill, IL$32,894
Burbank, IL$35,852
Bureau, IL$32,436
Burlington, IL$33,861
Burnt Prairie, IL$31,499
Bushnell, IL$32,436
Butler, IL$30,886
Byron, IL$33,767
Cabery, IL$32,392
Cairo, IL$30,044
Caledonia, IL$33,767
Calhoun, IL$30,328
Calumet City, IL$33,534
Camargo, IL$31,370
Cambria, IL$32,197
Cambridge, IL$31,118
Camden, IL$30,886
Cameron, IL$31,113
Camp Grove, IL$32,436
Camp Point, IL$30,886
Campbell Hill, IL$32,894
Campus, IL$33,487
Canton, IL$32,449
Cantrall, IL$31,088
Capron, IL$33,673
Carbon Cliff, IL$31,096
Carbondale, IL$32,197
Carlinville, IL$31,173
Carlock, IL$32,436
Carlyle, IL$32,894
Carman, IL$31,108
Carmi, IL$31,499
Carol Stream, IL$35,355
Carpentersville, IL$34,867
Carrier Mills, IL$31,499
Carrollton, IL$32,894
Carterville, IL$32,197
Carthage, IL$31,440
Cary, IL$34,295
Casey, IL$30,721
Caseyville, IL$33,163
Castleton, IL$32,362
Catlin, IL$31,279
Cave In Rock, IL$31,499
Cedar Point, IL$32,436
Cedarville, IL$33,619
Centralia, IL$32,894
Cerro Gordo, IL$31,412
Chadwick, IL$32,863
Chambersburg, IL$30,886
Champaign, IL$31,641
Chana, IL$33,660
Chandlerville, IL$30,886
Channahon, IL$34,977
Chapin, IL$30,886
Charleston, IL$30,990
Chatham, IL$31,088
Chatsworth, IL$31,439
Chebanse, IL$33,345
Chenoa, IL$32,436
Cherry, IL$32,436
Cherry Valley, IL$33,821
Chester, IL$32,894
Chesterfield, IL$31,967
Chestnut, IL$31,027
Chicago, IL$35,879
Chicago Heights, IL$33,453
Chicago Ridge, IL$35,825
Chillicothe, IL$32,543
Chrisman, IL$30,980
Christopher, IL$32,197
Cicero, IL$35,879
Cisco, IL$31,439
Cisne, IL$30,328
Cissna Park, IL$31,439
Clare, IL$33,633
Claremont, IL$30,328
Clarendon Hills, IL$35,784
Clay City, IL$30,328
Clayton, IL$30,886
Claytonville, IL$31,439
Clifton, IL$32,392
Clinton, IL$31,254
Coal City, IL$34,511
Coal Valley, IL$31,096
Coatsburg, IL$30,886
Cobden, IL$32,197
Coello, IL$32,894
Coffeen, IL$31,890
Colchester, IL$32,436
Colfax, IL$31,439
Collinsville, IL$33,145
Collison, IL$31,439
Colona, IL$31,096
Colp, IL$32,197
Columbia, IL$33,109
Colusa, IL$31,108
Compton, IL$33,619
Concord, IL$30,886
Congerville, IL$32,476
Cooksville, IL$31,581
Cordova, IL$31,029
Cornell, IL$32,436
Cornland, IL$31,007
Cortland, IL$33,619
Cottage Hills, IL$32,984
Coulterville, IL$32,894
Country Club Hills, IL$33,412
Cowden, IL$30,886
Creal Springs, IL$31,499
Crescent City, IL$31,439
Crest Hill, IL$34,837
Creston, IL$33,619
Crete, IL$33,439
Creve Coeur, IL$32,638
Cropsey, IL$31,439
Crossville, IL$31,312
Crystal Lake, IL$33,930
Cuba, IL$32,436
Cullom, IL$31,439
Cutler, IL$32,894
Cypress, IL$30,772
Dahinda, IL$31,769
Dahlgren, IL$31,499
Dakota, IL$33,647
Dale, IL$31,499
Dallas City, IL$31,108
Dalton City, IL$31,281
Dalzell, IL$32,436
Dana, IL$32,436
Danforth, IL$31,439
Danvers, IL$32,436
Danville, IL$31,359
Darien, IL$35,744
Davis, IL$33,727
Davis Junction, IL$33,767
Dawson, IL$31,075
De Land, IL$31,493
De Soto, IL$32,894
Decatur, IL$31,123
Deer Creek, IL$32,570
Deer Grove, IL$31,042
Deerfield, IL$34,724
Dekalb, IL$33,619
Delavan, IL$32,058
Dennison, IL$30,923
Depue, IL$32,436
Des Plaines, IL$35,784
Dewey, IL$31,600
Dewitt, IL$31,439
Dieterich, IL$30,328
Divernon, IL$30,994
Dix, IL$32,894
Dixon, IL$33,619
Dolton, IL$33,507
Dongola, IL$31,479
Donnellson, IL$32,894
Donovan, IL$33,345
Dorsey, IL$32,894
Dover, IL$31,665
Dow, IL$32,894
Dowell, IL$32,894
Downers Grove, IL$35,744
Downs, IL$31,771
Du Bois, IL$32,894
Du Quoin, IL$32,894
Dundas, IL$30,328
Dundee, IL$34,870
Dunfermline, IL$32,436
Dunlap, IL$32,597
Dupo, IL$33,163
Durand, IL$33,781
Dwight, IL$33,224
Eagarville, IL$32,559
Earlville, IL$33,619
East Alton, IL$33,019
East Carondelet, IL$33,163
East Dubuque, IL$31,229
East Galesburg, IL$31,392
East Lynn, IL$31,439
East Moline, IL$31,096
East Peoria, IL$32,638
East Saint Louis, IL$33,163
Easton, IL$31,594
Eddyville, IL$31,499
Edelstein, IL$32,503
Edgewood, IL$30,328
Edinburg, IL$30,980
Edwards, IL$32,638
Edwardsville, IL$33,038
Effingham, IL$30,525
El Paso, IL$32,436
Elburn, IL$34,727
Eldena, IL$33,619
Eldorado, IL$31,499
Eldred, IL$32,894
Eleroy, IL$33,619
Elgin, IL$35,352
Elizabeth, IL$31,735
Elizabethtown, IL$31,499
Elk Grove Village, IL$35,744
Elkhart, IL$30,994
Elkville, IL$32,894
Ellery, IL$30,914
Elliott, IL$31,452
Ellis Grove, IL$32,894
Ellisville, IL$32,436
Ellsworth, IL$31,439
Elmhurst, IL$35,811
Elmwood, IL$32,503
Elmwood Park, IL$35,879
Elsah, IL$32,912
Elvaston, IL$31,440
Elwin, IL$31,060
Elwood, IL$34,640
Emden, IL$31,807
Emington, IL$31,439
Emma, IL$31,499
Energy, IL$32,197
Enfield, IL$31,499
Eola, IL$35,194
Equality, IL$31,499
Erie, IL$31,106
Esmond, IL$33,673
Essex, IL$34,511
Eureka, IL$32,530
Evanston, IL$35,865
Evansville, IL$32,894
Evergreen Park, IL$35,852
Ewing, IL$31,499
Fairbury, IL$31,439
Fairfield, IL$30,914
Fairmount, IL$31,349
Fairview, IL$32,436
Fairview Heights, IL$33,145
Farina, IL$30,328
Farmer City, IL$31,466
Farmersville, IL$30,886
Farmington, IL$32,490
Fenton, IL$31,100
Ferris, IL$31,440
Fiatt, IL$32,436
Fidelity, IL$32,894
Fieldon, IL$32,894
Fillmore, IL$30,886
Findlay, IL$31,439
Fisher, IL$31,573
Fithian, IL$31,506
Flanagan, IL$32,436
Flat Rock, IL$30,422
Flora, IL$30,328
Flossmoor, IL$33,439
Foosland, IL$31,520
Forest City, IL$31,993
Forest Park, IL$35,879
Forrest, IL$31,439
Forreston, IL$33,619
Forsyth, IL$31,137
Fort Sheridan, IL$34,542
Fowler, IL$30,886
Fox Lake, IL$33,205
Fox River Grove, IL$34,459
Fox Valley, IL$35,359
Frankfort, IL$34,458
Frankfort Heights, IL$31,499
Franklin, IL$30,899
Franklin Grove, IL$33,619
Franklin Park, IL$35,852
Frederick, IL$30,886
Freeburg, IL$32,948
Freeman Spur, IL$32,197
Freeport, IL$33,619
Fulton, IL$31,111
Fults, IL$32,894
Galatia, IL$31,499
Galena, IL$31,735
Galesburg, IL$31,290
Galt, IL$31,393
Galva, IL$31,331
Garden Prairie, IL$33,673
Gardner, IL$34,511
Gays, IL$31,439
Geff, IL$30,914
Geneseo, IL$30,988
Geneva, IL$35,677
Genoa, IL$33,619
Georgetown, IL$31,117
Gerlaw, IL$31,083
German Valley, IL$33,700
Germantown, IL$32,894
Gibson City, IL$31,439
Gifford, IL$31,533
Gilberts, IL$34,762
Gillespie, IL$32,559
Gilman, IL$31,439
Gilson, IL$31,970
Girard, IL$30,886
Gladstone, IL$30,920
Glasford, IL$32,597
Glen Carbon, IL$33,073
Glen Ellyn, IL$35,140
Glenarm, IL$31,048
Glencoe, IL$35,771
Glendale Heights, IL$35,298
Glenview, IL$35,798
Glenwood, IL$33,480
Godfrey, IL$32,930
Golconda, IL$30,772
Golden, IL$30,886
Golden Eagle, IL$32,894
Golden Gate, IL$30,914
Golf, IL$35,825
Good Hope, IL$32,436
Goodfield, IL$32,530
Goodwine, IL$31,439
Goreville, IL$31,499
Gorham, IL$32,894
Grafton, IL$32,894
Grand Chain, IL$30,772
Grand Ridge, IL$32,436
Grand Tower, IL$32,894
Granite City, IL$33,163
Grant Park, IL$33,811
Grantsburg, IL$30,772
Granville, IL$32,436
Graymont, IL$32,436
Grayslake, IL$

Helpful Grooming Resources

Dog grooming is a modern job.

A groomer must be prepared to attend different seminars, learn new techniques and follow the latest trends.

Whether you’re looking for a job opportunity, or simply trying to learn more about your career, you need to check some helpful resources once in a while.

Some of the best places to visit online are: 

The Illinois Dog Grooming Directory and the Illinois Dog Groomer Jobs are the sites to visit if you’re searching for a job or trying to gather more information about the grooming industry.

The American Kennel Club and the National Dog Groomers Association of America are popular associations for all dog groomers and dog lovers in the USA.

Need info about dog breeds, their behaviors, personalities, ways of grooming, or other grooming-related subjects?

You better click on those links!


Dog grooming is the future for those who are seeking easy money and great work experiences.

Working with animals is always rewarding.

Seeing them look good and feel even better is a sensation feeling we all should experience.

There is no more honest expression than a happy dog’s face.

Dog grooming is all about that happiness.

Think about signing up for a grooming program.

There’s nothing to lose!

You can only win with this career.


USA How to Become a Dog/Pet Groomer by State