How to Become a Dog Groomer in Vermont

Job Description and Duties of Dog Groomers

Have you ever thought of helping animal lovers with their pet’s appearance?

For them, their pet’s beauty is of equal importance as their own, and they completely rely on dog groomers, when this is in question.

That task cannot be done by themselves, so they engage these educated and skilled people devoted to care and help animals.

When Dog Groomer Career in Vermont is in question, dog groomers have various responsibilities.

They are responsible for taking care of the maintenance and appearance not only dogs but other pets as well.

Daily duties involve bathing, trimming and cutting fur, clipping nails, breed-specific maintenance, and other duties, and what is even more demanding, they need to meet the desires of pet owners.

Dog groomers can be found working in pet stores, private grooming salons, kennels, and animal hospitals throughout the state of Vermont and how much daily obligations they will have depends on the size of the facility and the number of dogs in the specific area.

We have decided to save you time and effort by gathering all the details you should know about this profession.

Have in mind the fact that the type of training required and salary available will often vary from one position to the next.

However, in the state of Vermont, as well as in other states, there are no formal requirements for being a groomer according to state and federal laws.

Requirements to Become Dog Groomer in Vermont

It is true that formal licensing requirements in the state of Vermont for dog groomers ae not set, meaning that any person who believes this is the right job for him/her can start practicing.

Nevertheless, so as to be able to e among the best, as there are many people who perform the same job,  you are advised to attend training and certification courses available from the National Dog Groomers Association of America (NDGAA).

That way you will be sure that you know what you are supposed to do the very first moment you enter the salon or veterinary clinic.

Employers tend to hire people who are well trained for these positions.

Our suggestion is that prospective dog groomers should attend a dog grooming school that has a certified or reputable program, proving the fact that training and education there meet the highest standards and in Vermont, there are more than a dozen pet grooming schools and training programs, that cover about 50 to 80 hours of coursework, including education on breeds and grooming standards as well as practical application courses.

Another way of getting the needed knowledge is by obtaining an internship or apprenticeship at a local dog grooming facility

Licensing & Certification

If you have chosen to attend school so as to gain knowledge related to grooming,  there is a program that leads to certification for groomers, which we find the most appropriate.

The certification proves that you are taking this career seriously and that you have achieved certain skills that you will be able to use.

The certification includes passing a written test, attending workshops, and completing a practical pet grooming demonstration.

You can choose between two exams for certification offered by the NDGAA.

A Certified Dog Groomer title is for those who are just starting out in their career, while those with more experience,  who are eager to improve their career can select to take the second exam to become a Master Certified Dog Groomer.

If attending school is not your cup of tea, Vermont boasts more than 20 different grooming salons and kennels that might offer you support and training which is equally beneficial when this occupation is in question.

Salary and Job Prospects in Vermont

Job prospects for dog groomers in Vermont are encouraging and you should not be worried about employment.

After you finish the courses and gain the certification, your job search should begin.

The certified dog groomers have qualities that allow them to look for jobs in numerous animal care facilities such as clinics, hospitals, animal shelters, salons, and many more.

Due to the increasing number of animal-related facilities in Vermont, finding a job should not be such a big problem, but the choice of the job needs to be careful due to the differences in salaries and the amount of work that needs to be done.

The higher spending among pet owners and the greater number of animals in the specific area might lead to higher wages of dog groomers.

The annual salary of a dog groomer varies among the cities around the USA and especially among the major cities within one state.

When it comes to Vermont, it is estimated that an average dog groomer annual salary ranges from $11,000 and $17,000 per year for novice groomers to up to $50,000for those who have more experience, certification, and/or training.

The average salary on an hourly basis for these professionals is $15.00 per hour, while the more experienced and Master certified groomers can expect to earn up to $20.00 per hour or more.

The table below shows average annual dog groomer salary in Vermont, based on the city where he/she works:

LocationAvg. Annual Salary
South Burlington$34,119

Continuing Education and Professional Resources

Even though you think that finishing the courses and finding a job is the end of your development as a dog groomer, we have to disappoint you as you are wrong.

The education and training never end for a dog groomer, having in mind the fact that a successful groomer must keep up with industry changes and professional networking.

Those who are eager to further develop their career will find the resources below very beneficial.

NDGAA: You can easily become a member of the NDGAA, a professional association that offers a variety of educational resources and training workshops to help you stay in line with the latest techniques, tools, and styles.

International Association of Professional Groomers offers a variety of educational and career resources for those who have already become or want to become professional pet groomers. The association serves groomers around the world, meaning that its resources are huge, as it is not only available to U.S. groomers.

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