How to Become a Dog Groomer in Connecticut

If there’s one job that never goes out of style, that has to be dog grooming.

This occupation has been around for a while, and chances are, it will stay that way for a long time.

Dog grooming is a serious business, but it still can bring you lots of fun at work.

Dog lovers in Connecticut, unite!

It’s time to make a change in your life and do something fulfilling.

How to become a groomer, what are your duties, job opportunities and more will be explained to you in the following text.

Let’s get started!

What Is Dog Grooming?

I’m sure you have a general idea of what’s dog grooming, but now you’ll find out it’s even more than that.

Sure, grooming consists of bathing, trimming, cutting, and cleaning.

Once you graduate from grooming school you’ll see what else is expected from a groomer.

You must have great social skills and be well-organized.

This is not a job with dogs only.

You interact with their owners as well.

If you notice something wrong with a dog you’re grooming, your duty is to notify the owner.

This way you can help discover potential serious problems a dog could have.

As a groomer, you make appointments, communicate with customers, tend dogs, and keep your working station clean and tidy.

This might sound like a lot of responsibility, but it’s nothing you can’t manage on your own.

After all, grooming school is there to teach you everything about grooming business.

Now, let’s see how you can enroll in a grooming program in Connecticut.

Education: Dog Grooming Program in Connecticut

The state of Connecticut has no educational standard for enrolling in a dog grooming program.

You’re not obligated to have a high school diploma or a GED certification.

People of all ages and backgrounds are welcome to enlist and try grooming as a life profession.

Once you’re in, you will need to be a devoted student.

That means meeting your deadlines and successfully completing all of your assignments.

The grooming program has a comprehensive curriculum which includes written examinations and hands-on assessments.

This will check your newly-gained knowledge about different techniques and grooming procedures.

Grooming education doesn’t start and end with a grooming program.

You have a lot of societies focused on dogs that can help you with finding a job and learning more about dogs and their behavior.

Look at our list of Connecticut’s and USA’s finest grooming resources:

The Connecticut Dog Groomer Jobs has all the job listings a groomer could find helpful.

This is a place where listed jobs contain all the info about the position and contact.

All you need to do is find your dream job and apply!

STARelief and Pet Assistance is a non-profit organization based in Stamford.

Emergency housing, veterinary care, and other beneficial services are available at your service.

Need extra information about dog clinics, kennels, and other services that tend to dog’s needs?

Visit the Connecticut Humane Society and you’ll find everything you need there!

The American Kennel Club and the National Dog Groomers Association of America are well-known resources for dog lovers and groomers throughout the States.

Those of you who are looking to expand the knowledge about dogs, grooming, their health, and personalities simply must visit these two places.

Popular Programs

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Connecticut has no state or federal agencies that require grooming licenses.

As soon as you finish the dog grooming program you’re welcome to work.

It’s only a matter of finding a job.

Good thing Connecticut has a lot of work for future groomers!

Job Opportunities in Connecticut

Since grooming is at a constant rise and demand, there are plenty of job opportunities in Connecticut.

It’s up to you to choose where will your future career start.

Let me name you some of the most common places:

  • pet stores
  • vet clinics
  • animal shelters
  • personal business

Animal clinics and shelters are a great place to help poor and neglected dogs shine brightly again.

Taking care of them is a fulfilling task every groomer should experience at some point in the career.

Of course, to each his own rule is implied.

You do whatever and wherever you feel most comfortable.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an apprentice in a pet store or owning your dog grooming business.

What it matters is the happiness of a well-groomed dog.

Groomer’s Tasks: What Does a Groomer Do in Connecticut?

A day in a life of a groomer looks very busy.

There are numerous tasks a groomer must do to make the client and its owner happy.

Take a look at the list of basic grooming tasks:

  • bathing
  • coat trimming
  • nail trimming
  • cleaning ears and eyes
  • cleaning their workspace

When it comes to bathing, groomers do that to get rid of any dirt a dog’s coat could have.

Some dogs require flea baths because those nasty things won’t leave voluntarily.

In this case, you use special shampoos or other flea treatments.

Bathing a dog is sometimes a messy business.

Some dogs have wild temperaments and it’s your duty to calm them.

You’ll learn about different dog behaviors and personalities in grooming school, so it shouldn’t be a problem you can’t manage.

Calming techniques do miracles on dogs!

Now that your dog client is clean, it’s time to take care of other things.

Overgrown nails can cause pain when dogs walk, so it’s very important to pay attention to them.

Nail trimming is an essential step where you use nail clippers, scissors, and grinders.

Think of it as a mani-pedi for pooches!

Another vital step is coat trimming, and this is where it can get tricky.

With so many different dog breeds comes a responsibility of learning about their coats.

Whether your client is short-haired, long-haired, or even has a double coat, you must know how to work with it.

You don’t use the same tools for all dogs.

The use of scissors and shears is quite common, but there are more complex techniques.

Hand-stripping and hand scissoring is something extra you’ll learn in the dog grooming program.

Study hard and build your base of knowledge.

Everything you learn about dogs and grooming will be used in the future.

Salary: Annual Wage in Connecticut

Connecticut is a state with many job opportunities for dog groomers.

According to, the average annual groomer’s salary in this state is around $36k.

This number varies from place to place.

The lowest annual wage is approx. $29k, while the highest gets up to $45k.

So, do the groomers in Connecticut earn well?

Let’s just say they live a nice life with grooming as their primary or secondary occupation.

For a more detailed list of annual salaries see our table.

LocationAvg. Annual Salary
Abington, CT$35,688
Amston, CT$36,170
Andover, CT$36,308
Ansonia, CT$36,996
Ashford, CT$35,706
Avon, CT$36,376
Ballouville, CT$35,636
Baltic, CT$36,156
Bantam, CT$36,607
Barkhamsted, CT$36,275
Beacon Falls, CT$36,985
Berlin, CT$36,324
Bethany, CT$36,996
Bethel, CT$37,338
Bethlehem, CT$37,376
Bloomfield, CT$36,376
Bolton, CT$36,342
Botsford, CT$37,338
Bozrah, CT$36,156
Branford, CT$36,996
Bridgeport, CT$38,207
Bridgewater, CT$37,338
Bristol, CT$36,324
Broad Brook, CT$36,353
Brookfield, CT$37,338
Brooklyn, CT$36,088
Burlington, CT$36,302
Canaan, CT$35,493
Canterbury, CT$36,144
Canton, CT$36,327
Canton Center, CT$36,342
Centerbrook, CT$35,921
Central Village, CT$36,144
Chaplin, CT$36,066
Cheshire, CT$36,627
Chester, CT$35,898
Clinton, CT$36,456
Cobalt, CT$36,277
Colchester, CT$36,088
Colebrook, CT$35,500
Collinsville, CT$36,316
Columbia, CT$36,077
Cornwall, CT$36,239
Cornwall Bridge, CT$36,380
Cos Cob, CT$38,771
Coventry, CT$36,275
Cromwell, CT$36,324
Danbury, CT$37,338
Danielson, CT$36,055
Darien, CT$38,771
Dayville, CT$35,355
Deep River, CT$35,910
Derby, CT$36,996
Durham, CT$36,279
East Berlin, CT$36,324
East Canaan, CT$35,591
East Glastonbury, CT$36,376
East Granby, CT$36,364
East Haddam, CT$36,033
East Hampton, CT$36,277
East Hartford, CT$36,376
East Hartland, CT$35,046
East Haven, CT$36,996
East Killingly, CT$35,505
East Lyme, CT$35,988
East Windsor, CT$36,376
East Windsor Hill, CT$36,376
East Woodstock, CT$35,566
Eastford, CT$35,665
Easton, CT$38,207
Ellington, CT$36,331
Enfield, CT$35,147
Essex, CT$35,932
Fabyan, CT$35,315
Fairfield, CT$38,207
Falls Village, CT$35,793
Farmington, CT$36,324
Gales Ferry, CT$36,156
Gaylordsville, CT$37,282
Georgetown, CT$37,745
Gilman, CT$36,156
Glastonbury, CT$36,376
Goshen, CT$36,154
Granby, CT$35,716
Greens Farms, CT$38,207
Greenwich, CT$38,771
Grosvenor Dale, CT$35,572
Groton, CT$35,988
Guilford, CT$36,963
Haddam, CT$36,033
Hadlyme, CT$35,954
Hamden, CT$36,996
Hampton, CT$36,088
Hanover, CT$36,156
Hartford, CT$36,376
Harwinton, CT$36,257
Hawleyville, CT$37,338
Hebron, CT$36,170
Higganum, CT$36,246
Ivoryton, CT$35,910
Jewett City, CT$36,156
Kent, CT$37,226
Killingworth, CT$36,896
Lakeside, CT$36,701
Lakeville, CT$35,877
Lebanon, CT$36,122
Ledyard, CT$36,156
Litchfield, CT$36,502
Madison, CT$36,907
Manchester, CT$36,376
Mansfield Center, CT$36,077
Mansfield Depot, CT$36,066
Marion, CT$36,313
Marlborough, CT$36,320
Mashantucket, CT$35,988
Meriden, CT$36,324
Middle Haddam, CT$36,277
Middlebury, CT$37,072
Middlefield, CT$36,302
Middletown, CT$36,313
Milford, CT$38,207
Milldale, CT$36,324
Monroe, CT$38,185
Montville, CT$35,988
Moodus, CT$36,085
Moosup, CT$36,111
Morris, CT$36,655
Mystic, CT$35,988
Naugatuck, CT$36,952
New Britain, CT$36,324
New Canaan, CT$38,771
New Fairfield, CT$37,338
New Hartford, CT$36,271
New Haven, CT$36,996
New London, CT$35,988
New Milford, CT$37,327
New Preston Marble Dale, CT$37,226
Newington, CT$36,324
Newtown, CT$37,338
Niantic, CT$35,988
Norfolk, CT$35,613
North Branford, CT$36,996
North Canton, CT$36,331
North Franklin, CT$36,156
North Granby, CT$35,102
North Grosvendordale, CT$35,304
North Haven, CT$35,996
North Stonington, CT$35,156
North Westchester, CT$36,088
North Windham, CT$36,099
Northfield, CT$36,235
Northford, CT$36,996
Norwalk, CT$38,771
Norwich, CT$36,156
Oakdale, CT$35,988
Oakville, CT$36,246
Old Greenwich, CT$38,771
Old Lyme, CT$35,966
Old Mystic, CT$35,988
Old Saybrook, CT$35,943
Oneco, CT$36,099
Orange, CT$36,996
Oxford, CT$36,974
Pawcatuck, CT$35,954
Pequabuck, CT$36,302
Pine Meadow, CT$36,277
Plainfield, CT$35,156
Plainville, CT$36,324
Plantsville, CT$36,324
Plymouth, CT$36,279
Pomfret, CT$35,622
Pomfret Center, CT$35,673
Poquonock, CT$36,376
Portland, CT$36,324
Preston, CT$36,156
Prospect, CT$36,963
Putnam, CT$35,607
Quaker Hill, CT$35,988
Quinebaug, CT$35,315
Redding, CT$37,338
Redding Center, CT$37,338
Redding Ridge, CT$37,338
Ridgefield, CT$37,327
Riverside, CT$38,771
Riverton, CT$35,747
Rockfall, CT$36,324
Rocky Hill, CT$36,324
Rogers, CT$35,669
Roxbury, CT$37,316
Salem, CT$36,044
Salisbury, CT$35,545
Sandy Hook, CT$37,316
Scotland, CT$36,144
Seymour, CT$36,996
Sharon, CT$36,153
Shelton, CT$38,207
Sherman, CT$37,327
Simsbury, CT$36,376
Somers, CT$35,135
Somersville, CT$35,135
South Britain, CT$37,305
South Glastonbury, CT$36,344
South Kent, CT$37,249
South Lyme, CT$35,988
South Willington, CT$35,729
South Windham, CT$36,133
South Windsor, CT$36,376
South Woodstock, CT$35,602
Southbury, CT$37,293
Southington, CT$36,324
Southport, CT$38,207
Stafford, CT$35,057
Stafford Springs, CT$35,057
Staffordville, CT$35,068
Stamford, CT$38,771
Sterling, CT$36,099
Stevenson, CT$38,207
Stonington, CT$35,977
Storrs Mansfield, CT$35,806
Stratford, CT$38,207
Suffield, CT$35,147
Taconic, CT$35,469
Taftville, CT$36,156
Tariffville, CT$36,376
Terryville, CT$36,302
Thomaston, CT$36,268
Thompson, CT$35,608
Tolland, CT$35,606
Torrington, CT$36,196
Trumbull, CT$38,207
Uncasville, CT$35,988
Unionville, CT$36,324
Vernon Rockville, CT$36,342
Versailles, CT$36,156
Voluntown, CT$36,156
Wallingford, CT$36,985
Washington, CT$37,260
Washington Depot, CT$37,260
Waterbury, CT$36,257
Waterford, CT$35,988
Watertown, CT$36,235
Wauregan, CT$36,099
Weatogue, CT$36,376
West Cornwall, CT$36,113
West Granby, CT$35,688
West Hartford, CT$36,376
West Hartland, CT$35,581
West Haven, CT$36,996
West Mystic, CT$35,988
West Simsbury, CT$36,364
West Suffield, CT$35,147
Westbrook, CT$35,898
Weston, CT$38,207
Westport, CT$38,207
Wethersfield, CT$36,376
Willimantic, CT$36,111
Willington, CT$35,758
Wilton, CT$38,478
Winchester Center, CT$35,858
Windham, CT$36,133
Windsor, CT$36,376
Windsor Locks, CT$36,364
Winsted, CT$35,844
Wolcott, CT$36,313
Woodbridge, CT$36,996
Woodbury, CT$37,260
Woodstock, CT$35,588
Woodstock Valley, CT$35,647
Yantic, CT$36,156


Dog grooming can be tough sometimes, but, hey, name a job that isn’t!

What distinguishes grooming from other nine-to-five jobs is its flexibility and diversity.

You get to work with a bunch of different dog breeds and meet colorful characters.

Once you graduate from Connecticut’s grooming program you’ll have all the knowledge you need to work your way up to the top.

Of course, an occasional seminar to upgrade yourself and learn new trends can only benefit you.

Now that you see what it takes to become a member of one of the fastest-rising communities, are you ready to start grooming?

I bet your answer is a big, fat yes!






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