How to Become a Veterinary Assistant in Delaware

Any of the professions related to animals is only for people who have loved cats, dogs, lizards, and frogs since they were children.

Becoming a veterinarian or a veterinarian technician may be a deeply rewarding job for them, but still, they might not be able to afford that kind of education or devote so much time to classes.

So, we suggest that they think about becoming a veterinary assistant instead.

Veterinary medicine grows daily and the abundance of job offers in this field attracts a huge number of animal lovers passionate about animal welfare to become part of a bustling veterinary clinic where anything can happen.

Learning how to become a veterinarian assistant is not necessary but we believe that it is the first step toward launching an exciting career working with people and domestic or exotic animals.

Unlike vet tech who need to complete a veterinary technician program at an accredited two-year community college, vet assistants are not obliged to have formal education, which makes this profession even more attractive.

Veterinary Assistant Job Description and Duties in Delaware

A good veterinary care assistant is a person dedicated to his/her job and passionate about animals and their care.

They need to be reliable, hard-working individuals who are at the same time good at working as part of a team.

Their duties vary, depending on the facility.

They may include scheduling routine and emergency appointments, recording animal health care history, and calming frightened animals during an examination by the veterinarian.

Veterinarians highly rely on their staff who support their work, so vet assistants with minimal training requirements are not always hired.

That is why we suggest getting a certificate in this field.

Delaware Vet Assistant Education Requirements

Preparing to become a veterinary assistant typically starts with training in a veterinary assistant program during which you will be taught by experienced instructors.

Their job is to teach all that is involved with being a veterinary assistant, making you familiar with everything you will use over the course of a workday.

Courses of these programs focus on medical terminology, how to identify different breeds, proper restraining techniques, how to administer medication, how to handle chemicals, and much more.

Most veterinary assistants only have a high school diploma and learn the occupation on the job, while helping veterinarians, and the same situation is in Delaware.

However, this kind of education is enough for getting the job, but it does not provide you with the knowledge related to animal care causing that you might find yourself in a situation when you do not know what to do and the animal life is in your hands.

A decision to enter campuses and online programs and get the necessary education in relation to veterinary studies is the right one.

So as to become a veterinary assistant with a certificate, there is only on college in Delaware and that is Delaware Technical Community College, where you can learn the skills and get the appropriate training.

Both experienced and inexperienced veterinary assistants can select from various options so as to become an approved Delaware veterinary assistant.

The educational options are:

Externship Option for people who are not employed in a veterinary practice.

Experiential Learner for working veterinary assistants in Delaware with a 20 hour weekly minimum in a full-service veterinary practice.

Veterinary Assistant Program for employed Delaware veterinary assistants that are working in a full-service veterinary practice for at least 20 hours per week.

Once you complete the chosen program, you need to take the AVA exam, where you need to achieve a passing score and then you become an approved Delaware veterinary assistant.

Veterinary assistants in private practice are not required to have certification, but if you want to advance in your career and wish to work with laboratory animals in a research or educational setting you will need to qualify for credentials through the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science.

You can always choose training programs that offer license or certification throughout the USA are among those 35 organized by the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (NAVTA) and some of them can be found online like VetMedTeam program.

Potential Salary Expectations and Job Prospects in Delaware

It is the fact that the employment of veterinary assistants should not worry you, as it is growing much faster than the average for all occupations, resulting in good job opportunities.

Upon successfully finishing the studies, veterinary assistants can work mainly in clinics and hospitals or they can decide whether they want to look for a job in small private facilities or large veterinary hospitals.

You will easily find a satisfying job if you possess a certificate, having in mind the fact that reputable clinics are looking for assistants who know what they need to do.

The job offer in Delaware is huge and trustworthy clinics offer great care of all kinds of pets and their services include microchipping, parasite prevention, dermatology, and much more, thus demanding the higher level of education of a veterinary assistant working there.

Wages for veterinary assistants are modest and according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the difference in annual salary among the cities is not so noteworthy since it is estimated to range from $ 32244 in Seaford up to $ 32923 in Georgetown per year.

The table below shows the salary of a veterinary assistant in the state of Delaware annually.

LocationAvg. Annual Salary
New Castle$32,892

Potential Veterinary Assistant Employers in Delaware

  • VCA (Veterinary Centers of America)
    • VCA Dover Animal Hospital
    • VCA Glasgow Animal Hospital
    • VCA Kirkwood Animal Hospital
    • VCA Newark Animal Hospital
  • Below are the Banfield Pet Hospitals located in Delaware.
    • Salisbury
    • Christiana
  • Vetco Wellness Centers and Vaccination Clinics inside PETCO
    • Located in Dover Petco
    • Located in Wilmington Petco
    • Located in Christiana Petco
    • Located in Millville Petco

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Continuing Education for Veterinary Assistants

You should take the opportunity for advancement and even get a chance of moving up to the position of a veterinary technician which is offered through various educational institutions.

Resources for continuing education for Veterinary Assistants in Delaware are:

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