How to Become a Veterinary Assistant in Louisiana

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Most people underestimate a vet assistant because they believe it isn’t an in-demand job.

But that’s not the case at all.

The veterinary field today is constantly looking for vet assistants to enter the industry.

Vet assistants play a critical role in helping take care of animals in need.

So on this page, we aim to provide everything you need to know about this profession.

Further, we’ll also share how you can become one in Louisiana.

What a Vet Assistant Does

Typically, vet assistants don’t work without the vet’s supervision.

However, there are some tasks that you can do by yourself such as:

  • Giving medication
  • Working with technical machinery and lab equipment
  • Providing nursing care before and after surgery
  • Maintaining and sterilizing surgical instruments and equipment
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Advising and guiding pet owners

To perform them well, you must have good communication skills to establish rapport and trust with clients and the vet team.

You must also be emphatic to be able to care for the animals and comfort pet owners.

All these duties demand the right training and knowledge.

Education Requirements in Louisiana

If getting a veterinary degree isn’t your cup of tea, you can become a vet assistant.

Interested individuals find it great that there’s no formal education requirement for it.

This means that right after high school, you can look for a job in some vet facilities and clinics.

However, as you will be working with animals, you have to know many things about animal care.

That’s not something you can learn with high school-level knowledge.

Consider yourself lucky if you, a high school graduate, get hired, and the vet trains you with everything you need to know.

But today, most vets prefer to hire people who already know the ins and outs of the job.

Someone who knows how to help during surgery, provide animal care, and do lab work among others.

So taking a vet assistant program at an accredited school or online course is a must.

We recommend that you enroll in one that’s approved by the National Association of Veterinary Technicians of America.

Some Louisiana schools you can consider are:

  • Northshore Technical Community College
  • Delgado Community College
  • Louisiana State University – Eunice
  • Animal Behavior College
  • Central Arizona Valley Institute of Technology
  • East Valley Institute of Technology
  • West-MEC Veterinary Assistant Program

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Job Prospects in Louisiana

career advancement of a vet assistant

The veterinary field is growing rapidly due to the increasing demand for pet care.

And so, job prospects look bright for vet assistants in the years to come, giving you a myriad of options.

You can be sure that the education you invested in will give you better chances at employment.

More so if you have earned your vet assistant certification.

Among all the applicants, the employer will decide who to hire and your eligibility will depend on education and experience.

Louisiana offers a number of places where you can look for a job.

And they will choose you depending on your eligibility, education, and experience.

Here’s a list of potential employers in the state:

  • Veterinary Centers of America Branches
    • Causeway Animal Hospital
    • Airline Animal Hospital
  • Vetco Wellness Centers and Vaccination Clinics in:
    • Denham Springs Petco
    • Harvey Petco
    • New Orleans Petco
    • Metairie Petco
  • Banfield Pet Hospital in:
    • Baton Rouge
    • Lafayette
    • Westbank

Potential Salary in Louisiana

A vet assistant’s salary in Louisiana is rather modest.

According to, the average annual salary is $30,385 as of January 2022.

The typical salary range is between $24,483 and $36,651.

Take a look at how much you can earn if you belong to a certain percentile.

Percentile Salary
10% $19,109
25% $24,483
50% $30,385
75% $36,651
90% $42,356

Meanwhile, the one below shows you the different salaries in different places in Louisiana.

The salaries vary due to several factors, including:

  • An area’s development
  • Annual income of its residents
  • Cost of living
  • Workload a vet assistant undertakes
  • Popularity of the animal care facility you’re working at

Average Annual Salary by Location

Location Avg. Annual Salary
New Orleans $30,631
Baton Rouge $28,689
Shreveport $28,368
Lafayette $28,349
Lake Charles $27,960
Kenner $30,615
Bossier City $28,368
Monroe $28,220
Alexandria $27,338
New Iberia $28,184

Continuing Education for Vet Assistants

vet assistant continuing education

A vet team is a group of people who provides animal health care to those in need, keeping them healthy and secure.

So as someone who’s part of that team, you must always be updated with the latest industry news and development.

You should continue your education by attending seminars and taking additional courses.

Besides this, you can also opt to acquire specialization in this field.

Take a look at the following websites and find suitable educational options for yourself.

Final Words

Becoming a vet assistant in Louisiana isn’t too demanding.

A day of working as a vet assistant is what it takes to hone your skills in animal care to the fullest.

You’ll be seriously involved in the medical care and treatment process of wounded or ill animals.

And with empathy and communication skills on hand, you’ll be able to work seamlessly with clients and the vet team.

The compensation is nothing compared to the personal satisfaction you’ll get in the long run.

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