How to Become a Veterinary Assistant in Louisiana

Considering the fact that a veterinary assistant is underestimated since people believe that their job is not demanding at all, the public awareness of how important they are for our animals should be raised so we wanted to provide details of this profession and make people change their minds.

Just one working day of a veterinary assistant has so many difficulties that he/she has to face, so we assure you that they are seriously involved in the medical care and curing process of wounded or ill animals.

Veterinary Assistant Job Description and Duties in Louisiana

Veterinary assistants usually do not work without the supervision of a veterinarian, but there are some tasks that they can do by themselves such as giving medication, working with technical machinery and lab equipment, with cages, and providing nursing care before and after surgery.

Maintaining and sterilizing surgical instruments and equipment are also part of their daily duties.

On the other hand, they are people who need to communicate with both clients and vets, so they need to possess good emphatic and communication skills.

They work on scheduling appointments and talking to pet owners worried about the health condition of their pets.

All these duties demand the right training and knowledge.

Louisiana Vet Assistant Education Requirements

If going to veterinary schools and universities is not your cup of tea,  you can become a veterinary assistant.

People find it great that there is not a lawful determination of the requirements necessary to become a veterinary assistant.

This means that right after high school you can look for a job in some vet facilities and clinics.

However, as you will be working with animals, you have to know many things about animal care, and that is not the knowledge that you get during your high school.

In many cases, people get hired and then learn the skills while working with a vet.

On the other hand, if you decide to achieve higher education, that would be your huge advantage baing that numerous veterinarians look for licensed assistants, who will be able to perform more complicated duties.

They need to possess great communication skills, be good listeners, and empathize with the worried pet owners.

It is important to know how to help during the surgery, provide animals with medicine, and take blood samples, among many others.

Becoming a veterinary assistant in Louisiana is not too demanding.

There is a chance of easily enrolling in some of the courses or attending online classes offered by NAVTA.

Some veterinary assistant campuses pass all the exams and become licensed veterinary assistants located in Louisiana are:

  • Northshore Technical Community College
  • Delgado Community College
  • Louisiana State University – Eunice

A high school diploma or GED equivalency is enough for the beginning and through certificate programs widely available, you will be provided with the necessary knowledge and skills.

To get acquainted with the tasks and duties of a veterinary assistant and get the certification you can choose among those 35 programs organized by the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (NAVTA) as well as various online programs.

Some of the NAVTA programs are:

Potential Salary Expectations and Job Prospects in Louisiana

Deciding on a veterinary assistant job as your future career will offer you a myriad of options in the fast-growing veterinary medicine field and job prospects are expected to be even better in the years to come, due to the increasing number of pet owners as well as stray animals.

You can be sure that the education achieved in relation to veterinary studies gives you better chances to find employment and those individuals are better in finding a solution to the difficulties once they are hired.

As you have become a licensed veterinary assistant, your chances of getting a satisfying job are better.

Among all the applicants, the employer will decide who to hire and your eligibility will depend on education and experience.

If you think about the compensation you get from your vet assistant job we need to mention that the benefits regarding personal satisfaction are huge, but the salary of a vet assistant is rather modest.

The average salary varies from $ 27338 in Alexandria even up to $ 30631 in New Orleans.

The reasons for this difference are numerous, including the development of the region where the city is located, the annual incomes of its citizens, and the amount of work that the assistant is performing as well as the popularity of the facility where he/she works.

The table below shows the salary of a veterinary assistant in the state of Louisiana annually since it is not the same in all major cities.

LocationAvg. Annual Salary
New Orleans$30,631
Baton Rouge$28,689
Lake Charles$27,960
Bossier City$28,368
New Iberia$28,184

Potential Veterinary Assistant Employers in Louisiana

Louisiana offers a number of places where veterinary assistants can look for a job such as:

VCA (Veterinary Centers of America)

  • VCA Causeway Animal Hospital
  • VCA Airline Animal Hospital

Vetco Wellness Centers and Vaccination Clinics inside PETCO

  • Located in Denham Springs Petco
  • Located in Harvey Petco
  • Located in New Orleans Petco
  • Located in Metaire Petco

Banfield Pet Hospital

  • Banfield Baton Rouge
  • Banfield Lafayette
  • Banfield Westbank

Popular Programs

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Continuing Education for Veterinary Assistants

Veterinary staff is people who decided to spend all their lives concerned about animal welfare and doing things to make animals more secure and healthy.

A career as a veterinary assistant is constantly experiencing changes and development, causing vet staff to continue their education by attending seminars and additional courses.

Besides achieving the required education, veterinary assistants need to continue their specialization in this field.

This can be done by paying visits to regular meetings and continuing education programs to keep themselves acquainted with the latest technological and scientific improvements.

If you are currently working in the state of Louisiana as a veterinary assistant or you want to become approved, you should take a look at the following websites and find suitable educational options for yourself.

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