How to Become a Veterinary Assistant in Wisconsin

The most appropriate people for a vet assistant profession are those who possess compassion and empathy, who are responsible while performing administrative tasks, and are patient and careful when dealing with people and animals.

If you think that becoming one of the valuable members of this great team is your dream job, then we suggest that you keep on reading, as our article provides all the significant data related to this profession and what is even more important, how to enter it.

Some people would like but cannot become veterinarians, but that is not necessary so as to be able to spend their working hours with animals.

They might choose some other less responsible, but not at all naïve vocations such as veterinary technicians and assistants.

The growth of veterinary medicine leads to the abundance of jobs for people passionate about animal welfare and this is the right moment for choosing to get the education of a vet assistant.

Veterinary Assistant Job Description and Duties in Wisconsin

Veterinary assistants are primarily focused on helping the animals in need and assisting veterinarians in their daily duties.

They are important team members who must have excellent communication skills since they need to cooperate with the veterinarians,  other veterinary staff, and clients.

Additionally, they need to be careful and precise when asked to administer vaccinations, draw blood for testing, or assist during surgical procedures as well.

Their less responsible duties, which are usually assigned to those without certification, can be scheduling appointments and helping maintain clean and healthy premises.

If the assistant is working in a hospital where treated animals stay overnight, they are also responsible for supervising them during the night.

Wisconsin Vet Assistant Education Requirements

A love for and comfort with animals and pets of all kinds might be the first requirement of a veterinary assistant, but there are additional qualifications that make him/her a successful veterinary assistant.

The daily duties in this exciting career are physically and emotionally very demanding and a veterinary assistant has to be in charge of everything.

According to state law, a vet assistant can be any person who possesses a high school diploma or a GED certificate.

While they are still at high school, students can enter courses related to veterinary science, so as to be able to start working immediately after they get a high school diploma.

There is no need for further formal education even though many individuals decide to continue with their studies.

A few veterinary assistant campus and online programs in Wisconsin:

  • Milwaukee Career College
  • Gateway Technical College
  • Moraine Park Technical College

The requirements, except for a high school diploma or GED equivalency, for entering the veterinary assistant programs or courses do not exist, as no previous work is necessary.

There are NAVTA courses with 36 approved programs throughout the U.S. and Canada and 4 online programs.

The enrollees will be able to learn from qualified professionals about animal health issues, injuries, and illnesses, animal anatomy and physiology, etc and if they choose online options, all this is available from the comfort of their homes.

Once the courses are finished, they need to take and pass the AVA exam so as to become approved Wisconsin veterinary assistants.

You can choose from the following options:

  • Externship Option: used by unemployed people who are looking for employment.
  • Experiential Learner: used by the working veterinary assistants
  • Veterinary Assistant Program:  the option for veterinary assistants who already have a job and work a minimum of 20 work hours per week.

Potential Salary Expectations and Job Prospects in Wisconsin

Places, where veterinary assistants can search for a job, are animal hospitals and clinics, zoos, and laboratories convenient for more educated and advanced veterinary assistants.

Due to the constant development of veterinary science, employers are more eager to employ assistants who have more education and experience in the field.

Since there is an increasing volume of work, there is no need to worry about job offers and once you graduate and pass the AVA exam, you are very likely to get a job.

Future vet assistants need to bear in mind that the competition is more diverse and greater and reputable clinics look for assistants who know what they need to do, causing more people to finish courses and have priority over those unlicensed ones.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics gives it best to calculate the annual salary of a veterinary assistant in the cities around the USA and estimate the average salary in the cities within one particular state.

In Wisconsin, according to their data, an average veterinary assistant annual salary ranges from $ 27757 in La Crosse up to $ 30537 in Milwaukee.

Both personal characteristics and social factors may affect the salary.

The education level, working experience, working hours, and amount and responsibility of the performed work will make a difference when the salary is in question.

Furthermore, social factors such as the development of the city where the facility is, the average income of its residents, the number of clinics, and the prominence of the clinic the veterinary assistant is working for also play a significant role in vet assistants annual earnings.

The table below shows the salary of a veterinary assistant in the state of Wisconsin annually since it varies from one place to another.

LocationAvg. Annual Salary
Green Bay$29,599
Eau Claire$28,558
La Crosse$27,757

Potential Veterinary Assistant Employers in Wisconsin

VCA (Veterinary Centers of America)

  • VCA Sand Lake Animal Hospital
  • VCA Associates in Pet Care Animal Hospital
  • VCA Pahle Animal Hospital
  • VCA Sand Lake Animal Hospital
  • VCA Companion Care Animal Hospital

VETCO Wellness Centers and Vaccination Clinics inside PETCO

  • Located in Oshkosh Petco
  • Located in Plover Petco
  • Located in Green Bay Petco
  • Located in Janesville Petco
  • Located in Germantown Petco

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Continuing Education for Veterinary Assistants

The ideal candidate for this kind of profession needs to be willing to learn new skills and develop his/her abilities as well as continue education at some of the available courses and programs.

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