How to Become a Veterinary Assistant in Wisconsin

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love for animals

Some people would like to but can’t become vets, but that’s not the only avenue toward the vet care field.

You can choose to be a vet assistant.

The most appropriate people for a vet assistant career are those who:

  • Possess compassion and empathy
  • Are responsible while performing administrative tasks
  • Are patient and careful when dealing with animals and people

The current growth of the veterinary industry has led to an abundance of jobs.

And this is the right moment for choosing to get the education of a vet assistant.

If you think this could be a path for you, then keep on reading.

We’ve provided you with information here on how you can be a vet assistant in Wisconsin.

What a Vet Assistant Does

Vet assistants are primarily focused on helping the animals in need and assisting vets in their daily duties.

You are an important vet team member with excellent communication skills to cooperate well with colleagues and clients.

With precision and care, you help:

  • Administer vaccinations
  • Draw blood for testing
  • Assist during surgical procedures

You also have easier tasks, which are usually assigned to newcomers and those without certification.

Some of them are:

  • Administrative/clerical work
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Maintaining a clean work area

If you work in a facility where treated animals stay overnight, you may be asked to supervise them during the night.

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Education Requirements in Wisconsin

According to state law, a vet assistant can be any person who possesses a high school diploma or a GED equivalent.

While still in high school, students can enter vet assistant courses if offered by the school to prepare them for work after graduation.

There’s no need for further formal education, even though many individuals decide to continue with their studies.

The things their high school may not be enough and want a more comprehensive training.

Regarding this, you choose to take any of the following options:

Some may do the first and second options, but most prefer to enroll in the third.

A few schools and online programs offering the vet assistant program in Wisconsin are:

  • Milwaukee Career College
  • Gateway Technical College
  • Moraine Park Technical College

You may also look for a program approved by the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (NAVTA).

As of this writing, Wisconsin has no NAVTA accredited schools, but there are online programs you can consider.

These are offered by the following:

  • VetMedTeam
  • Penn Foster
  • Animal Behavior College
  • VetBloom

Here you’ll learn from qualified professionals about:

  • Animal health issues, injuries, and illnesses
  • Animal anatomy and physiology
  • Administration and management

Once finished, you need to take and pass the certification exam to become an Approved Veterinary Assistant.

Job Prospects in Wisconsin

hiring vet assistants in wisonsin

With increasing job openings, there’s no need to worry about employment.

Once you graduate and pass the vet assistant certification exam, you have a higher chance of getting employed.

That’s because employers are more eager to employ education and more experienced vet assistants.

The places you can send an application to are animal hospitals and clinics, zoos, and colleges.

However, bear in mind that the competition is fierce, especially with reputable clinics.

Here’s a list of potential employers in Wisconsin you might want to try applying to:

  • Veterinary Centers of America Branches
    • Sand Lake Animal Hospital
    • Associates in Pet Care Animal Hospital
    • Pahle Animal Hospital
    • Sand Lake Animal Hospital
    • Companion Care Animal Hospital
  • VETCO Wellness Centers and Vaccination Clinics in:
    • Oshkosh Petco
    • Plover Petco
    • Green Bay Petco
    • Janesville Petco
    • Germantown Petco

Potential Salary in Wisconsin reported that you can earn an average of $31,284 a year as of February 2022.

As for the salary range, it falls between $25,207 and $37,736 annually.

However, this amount changes due to the factors affecting the salary, which includes:

  • Education
  • Working experience
  • Working hours and responsibility
  • City’s development
  • Residents’ average income
  • Vet facility’s reputation

In any case, here’s how much your base salary is if you belong to a certain percentile for your reference.

Percentile Salary
10% $19,674
25% $25,207
50% $31,284
75% $37,736
90% $43,609

Meanwhile, the table below shows the salaries in different places within Wisconsin.

Average Annual Salary by Location

Location Avg. Annual Salary
Milwaukee $30,537
Madison $30,362
Green Bay $29,599
Kenosha $30,250
Racine $30,250
Appleton $29,606
Waukesha $30,422
Oshkosh $29,414
Eau Claire $28,558
La Crosse $27,757

Continuing Education for Vet Assistants

In this profession, you need to be willing to learn new skills and develop advanced abilities.

You must also continue your education at some of the available courses and programs.

Here are some helpful resources to get you started.

Final Words

Being a vet assistant is exciting and rewarding, true.

But it can also be very physically demanding and emotionally taxing.

So love for and comfort with animals isn’t enough for you to succeed in this career.

You must have the knowledge and skills to back you up to advance.

Having them in your pocket means more good job prospects and salary for you in the future.

You must be someone who knows exactly what they need to do in this ever-growing field.

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