How to Become a Veterinary Assistant in Ohio

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As veterinary medicine continues to develop, pet ownership also increases.

With it, comes the necessity for educated and talented vet assistants.

That’s why it’s great to know that the number of people interested in veterinary science and medicine is rising.

We all are eager to improve the health and welfare of animals, giving our best to raise awareness of how important it is to take care of them.

After all, how we take care of them is a reflection of our character as both pet owners and animal caretakers.

So on this page, you’ll learn everything there is to know about becoming a vet assistant in Ohio.

What a Vet Assistant Does

Vet assistants have an active job.

Meaning, most of the tasks you undertake require physical, technical, and medical skills.

You spend most of your time on your feet, hence the need for physical strength.

One key detail is that you’re supposed to provide efficient medical care to animal patients.

So you’ll most likely be involved in the following activities:

  • Provide vets and/or vet techs with assistance during surgery
  • Basic animal care and nursing
  • Perform lab tests and diagnostics
  • Prepare equipment before and after surgery

Meanwhile, here are your other less demanding daily obligations:

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Clinic management
  • Cooperating with the vet team
  • Educate and/or advise pet owners

These tasks aren’t easy to do, so you need thorough training beforehand to perform them well.

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Education Requirements in Ohio

to be a vet assistant in ohio

To be a vet assistant in Ohio, you don’t need to go to get a veterinary degree.

A high school diploma or GED equivalent will simply do.

Nevertheless, during your work, you’ll be asked to do some activities that you may have never learned about related to animal care.

And that’s when you realize the importance of vet assistant education and training.

You want to successfully perform your duties, which will make you:

  • More self-determined and self-confident
  • Be trusted by the vets and the vet team

And so, you’ll be assigned more demanding tasks, increasing your skills, experience, and, most of all, salary.

We believe that a vet assistant’s job should be taken seriously and requires a higher level of knowledge of animal care.

That’s why more and more decide to enroll in courses to achieve education and certification within six months to a year.

Here are some schools offering vet assistant programs in Ohio:

  • Ross College
  • North Coast Medical Training Academy
  • Columbus State Community College

However, it’s recommended that you enroll in a program accredited by the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America.

You can check out these institutions with NAVTA-approved programs for more information.

  • Animal Behavior College
  • Central Arizona Valley Institute of Technology
  • East Valley Institute of Technology
  • West-MEC Veterinary Assistant Program

There you’ll be taught about the following:

  • Animal diseases and disease prevention
  • Pharmacology
  • Animal behavior
  • Nutrition
  • Communication
  • Computer science

You’ll get acquainted with all the tasks and duties that await you as a professional vet assistant.

Afterward, you can then earn your vet assistant certification.

The school will award it to you upon completion and passing of all the assessments.

Job Prospects in Ohio

After finishing your studies, you might not be able to find a job immediately.

That’s why you should take this time to make yourself an even better vet assistant.

Think about volunteering at local animal shelters and kennels to be really involved in veterinary practice.

Only certified candidates and those with experience in a vet facility can gain confidence in their proficiency.

This will make you a more attractive candidate to employers, giving you an edge over others.

After all, it can’t be denied that you’re more informed, skilled, and educated than those uncertified ones.

So to become a member of the vet team, you can apply for a job in clinics, zoos, hospitals, and animal shelters.

Here are some of the potential employers you can consider applying to.

  • Ohio Veterinary Medical Association
  • Veterinary Centers of America Branches
    • Holly Farms Animal Hospital
    • Mill Run Animal Hospital
    • College Hill Animal Hospital
    • Sawmill Animal Hospital
  • Banfield Pet Hospital in:
    • Reynoldsburg
    • Beavercreek

Potential Salary in Ohio

The salary of a vet assistant in Ohio is rather modest.

As of February 2022, the salary range is between $24,987 and $37,406 according to

The average annual salary amounts to $31,011.

Here’s an overview of the salary percentile in Ohio for you to refer to.

Percentile Salary
10% $19,502
25% $24,987
50% $31,011
75% $37,406
90% $43,229

However, note that various factors affect the salary, and some of those include:

  • Development of the region
  • Annual income of its residents
  • Skills and experience
  • Number of animals and pet owners

The table below shows the differences in salary in different places within the state.

Average Annual Salary by Location

Location Avg. Annual Salary
Columbus $30,346
Cleveland $30,614
Cincinnati $30,173
Toledo $29,837
Akron $29,624
Dayton $29,994
Hamilton $30,050
Youngstown $29,251
Canton $29,467
Lorain $30,044

Continuing Education for Vet Assistants

continuing education for vet assistants in ohio

You need to continue your specialization in this field.

This can be achieved through continuing education programs.

Keep yourself acquainted with the latest industry news and trends for your career advancement.

Final Words

As a vet assistant, you want to be appreciated and become a valuable member of the vet team.

You have a lot of responsibilities that require technical skills and expertise in animal care.

So for this to be realized, you need to educate and train yourself through vet assistant programs, in-class or online.

Only by doing so can you get better employment chances, as well as earn higher wages.

More so if you earn your certification, allowing you to be trusted with more complicated or sensitive duties.

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